10 Best Security Plugins For WordPress Blog

Welcome back to Blogete. Finally my holidays are over. I enjoyed a great time with my family and have seen some amazing places. Now its time to work more sincerely as I have set new goals, resolutions for 2014. Lets come back to the topic. When I was on holiday, my blog was tried to hack several times. But they failed to hack it because of my security plugins. Today, I would like to share some best security plugins for WordPress Blog.

WordPress is one of the most popular and free content management system. Almost 19% of the total web is powered by WordPress. But a blog or site powered by WordPress can be hacked easily if we don’t take the WordPress blog or site security seriously. Out of hundreds of WordPress security plugins, we have selected 10 best ones for our readers.

Best Security Plugins For WordPress Blog

best security plugins for wordpress1. Limit Login Attempts

One of the most popular and widely used WordPress security plugin.By default WordPress permits unlimited login attempts either through the WordPress login page or by sending special cookies.This simple WordPress plugin limits the number of login attempts possible both through auth cookies as well as using normal login. If you want to prevent your WordPress site from brute-force attacks then you must install this plugin on your blog.

2. Secure WordPress

Another easy to install and best plugin for your WordPress blog.Just install the plugin to improve the security of your WordPress site in seconds.Secure WordPress plugin can do many security related tasks such as version hiding, database security, hides error-information on login-page, removes WP Generator META tag from core code and many more.

3. Better WordPress Security

This is personal favorite of mine. Installing this plugin on your site will take your WP security to the next level of security. It come with many features to make your WordPress blog more secured. Some of them are- Change the URLs for WordPress dashboard including login admin etc, remove Windows Live Write header information, rename “admin” account, change wp-content path, removes login error messages and many more.

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4. Wordfence

Another most popular and widely used WordPress security plugin. I have been using this plugin for last two years. This is the only WordPress security plugin that can verify and repair you plugin and theme files, even if you don’t have backups. Other handy features include virus scanning, firewall,  Two Factor Authentication, real-time traffic with geolocation etc. Now it comes with multi site compatible and also includes Cellphone Sign-in which permanently secure your WordPress blog from brute force

5. All In One WP Security & Firewall

The name itself suggest the tasks, it can perform on a WordPress blog. This simple security plugin provides User Login Security, User Accounts Security, File System Security, Database Security, add captcha to WordPress Login form and many more. It is a great security plugin for all WordPress blog. Each and every WordPress owner should install this plugin to reduce security risk.

6. Verelo Blog Monitoring

This simple plugin watches your WordPress site 24/7 to ensure that it is up and running without any malware infections. With Verelo you can detect security issues instantly. The plugin sends instant notifications to the owner by SMS or Email when something goes wrong.

7. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

A great plugin to protect a WordPress blog from spammers. This anti-spam plugin adds captcha to WordPress forms for registration, comments, lost password, login and many more. Users will have to type a particular code shown on the image to post comments or register on your blog.

8. BulletProof Security Plugin

BuletProof security comes with some cool features which help to protect your blog from hackers. This simple plugin protects your entire WordPress site with .htaccess security protection. It also help to secure wp-admin and root folder of a WordPress blog.

9. WordPress File Monitor Plus

One of the best security plugins for WordPress. This plugin monitors your WordPress installation files for any changes. Whenever changes made, you will be notified via email. The plugin comes with multi site support.

10. BBQ Block Bad Queries

BBQ protects your WordPress blog against malicious URL requests. This handy WordPress security plugin checks all incoming traffic and block bad requests.

We tested all the plugins personally on different WordPress sites. If you use any other Security plugin which is not mentioned here, please share it in our comment section. Thanks for reading.