5 Topics That Should Be on Your Physical Therapy Blog

A great blog requires an ongoing stream of content, and that content should be relevant and useful to readers. As the Guardian contributor Rob Weatherhead points out, the average Internet user is accustomed to getting information almost immediately, and it’s important to give readers “what they need, and want, to know, and no more.” Those who visit a physical therapy site are likely looking for information about the business for which the sites exists; they may also be searching for information about the particular health conditions they have and how to deal with them effectively.Physical Therapy Blog

A physical therapy blog should offer readers articles that will help them feel more in control of their health and wellness. This could include a wide range of topics, from dealing with spinal injuries to living with neurological disorders. However, some topics are apt to be relevant to a large percentage of a physical therapist’s client base; therefore, those topics should be included on every physical therapy blog.

Treatment Plans

One of the first issues of concern for many prospective patients is determining a treatment plan. A person with a chronic health condition or a recent injury is likely to have a lot of questions before getting started with treatment. One of the top concerns for countless patients is the scope of treatment: How long treatment will take, how many sessions it will involve, and the kinds of treatment available. While every patient is different and will therefore require a somewhat customized plan, this topic can be discussed as a general blog topic – and such discussion in the form of blog content may help to answer a variety of common questions related to treatment.

Back and Neck Pain

Providing information that affects a broad range of people is a good idea for an individual in charge of the content on a blog. Countless people suffer from back and neck pain, so these two issues should be continually discussed on a blog for a physical therapy clinic. Experiencing back or neck pain can be an alarming experience, and pain sufferers are apt to appreciate content that informs them and offers them hope.

Other Common Health Conditions

Information about other common health conditions will also be useful on a physical therapy blog. As discussed here, a variety of health conditions lead people to seek physical therapy. Some of these conditions include stroke, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Arthritis, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia are three additional health issues that affect millions of individuals. Addressing any one of these common health conditions could bring more readers to a site and inspire them to see a physical therapist.

Health and Wellness

A primary concern for innumerable people is health and wellness, and this is a great topic to discuss on a physical therapy blog. Giving readers information that they can implement is invaluable to both the readers and the physical therapists represented by a blog. Many individuals want to take a proactive approach to their health whenever they can, and such people are likely to appreciate content that helps them to do that.


Exercise is typically an essential aspect of physical rehabilitation, so offering articles on exercise, such as some of the sample topics found here, is a must for a person who maintains a physical therapy blog. A physical therapist might provide step-by-step instructions that demonstrate the exact exercises given to patients in the office. This may benefit both current and prospective patients, and it can spare a physical therapist from needing to repeat such instructions if patients forget them.

A useful blog can be the most popular feature of a website. A physical therapy blog should offer information that readers find helpful. Providing an ongoing stream of relevant topics is one of the top ways to attract readers to a site and patients to a physical therapy office.