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Allergies are more than annoying and inconvenient; they can ultimately lead to more serious health problems. The latter is particularly the case with young children, especially when keeping allergens out of the house. With proper home ductwork maintenance, you can reduce the risk of allergies from mold, pollen, dust mites, and dander. Homeowners can take several steps to reduce allergens in their HVAC systems, including calling upon a licensed HVAC tech to service their systems.

Having a professional look at and repair your HVAC system is something you should do every year. Schedule a yearly maintenance check instead of waiting for problems to occur and calling for help. The small cost of regular maintenance can translate to making your system more energy-efficient and helping you handle allergies in your home. Ultimately, regular HVAC servicing could reduce your monthly utility bills. Professional HVAC technicians can find and repair some of the most unexpected problems with your system.

Keep in mind that HVAC systems do more than simply introduce hot or cold air into your rooms. In fact, they remove stale, allergen-filled air out of your rooms. A proper HVAC system filter also comes into play. If your air filter is old and dirty, the filter itself will not work well. Your HVAC system will have a more difficult time properly removing allergens if the air filter is dirty, so check and replace your air filter at least once a year. Explore the following infographic to learn more ways to fight allergies in your home.AllergyWarriorIG