Avail the Various Benefits Offered By EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Many times we accidentally delete our files, or our important files get deleted due to a hard disk failure, formation, or inaccessibility. This can be on any storage device, whether it be hard drive, pen drive, memory card or even our multimedia devices, such as mobile phones or digital cameras. This leaves the individual in a very difficult situation, as sometimes the files, which were lost, were important. For such cases, several companies have released recovery software, which are able to recover lost files easily.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

One such free recovery software package is the Data Recovery Wizard offered by EaseUS. The software was developed while considering the user’s convenience in highest priority. It allows for an easy recovery of files of any type. The software is reliable and easy to use, so people who are not familiar with advanced computer techniques can also use it. The software allows people to recover recycle bin files and is also able to recover any type of files, and can restore deleted files from all storage devices, such as computer, mobile devices, pen drives, memory cards, external hard disk, formatted hard disks, corrupted disks etc.

EaseUS Data Recovery WizardDeep Scan and Quick Scan

The software provides two different types of methods of scanning, by which the user can find their desired lost files. These two options are quick scan and deep scan. A Quick scan can be performed if the file was simply deleted or emptied from the recycle bin, while the deep scan can be used in cases of hard disk format, inaccessibility of data, or some similar case, where quick scan does not work.

Previewing Files

After the scan is complete, the software will show all the various files, which were deleted. Out of these files, you can search for your desired file, and preview it. At the preview window, you can view the contents, and look up all the details regarding the file. Once you have selected the files you wish to recover, you can simply recover them by pressing a button.

User-Friendly options

The software is incredibly user-friendly in various aspects, and it offers several other features, like the preview window. For example, while looking for a file, you can utilize the filter option to better search for a file. In this option, you can enter the file type, extension, or name of the file, so that the scan is done faster. Moreover, if knew the specific location of the file, before it was deleted, you can specifically perform a scan there instead of scanning the whole disk or storage device.

Corrupted and Virus infected files

Several times the files may simply be deleted due to corruption or virus attacks, where recovering of data can be real hard even for some recovery software. However, EaseUS data recovery wizard can also recover files lost due to corruption and virus attacks, which provides a great advantage of the software.

If you intend to get software for recovering your files, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be your best bet out of the many software available. It offers quickly to access solutions without paying any costs, and you will not regret using the software.