How to Select WordPress Themes for Your Blog – Free vs. Premium Themes

WordPress, the open source tool for blogging, available free of cost, is the favorite with about 19% of the world’s premiere websites. It is undoubtedly the most popular and the most used blogging system to be used on the Web.

In order to make your website stand out in the crowd of 60 million sites at present on the WWW, you must give it a stunning appearance. WordPress themes make it possible for you to get such a template for your website that is sure to evoke the neighbor’s envy. The themes are available free or come in premium packages.

wordpress themesThe free themes of WordPress is very similar to the default theme, having similar structure and typically simplistic in look and design. These themes do not offer the unlimited built – in options for easy modifications in the appearance of the website. You cannot also change the style or color scheme of the page and have to do with the default settings. Free themes are suitable in case you are only interested to release content and want nothing more of your site.

If you want the website to be a stunner, with all possible options of easy modifications and user – friendly settings that can be customized as per your needs, then the best bet for you are the premium themes from WordPress. These much advanced themes are preloaded with various unique styles for you to simply select from. These themes of course, are available at a charge.

There are various considerations before going for the selection of WordPress themes. An analysis of these factors will finally help you to understand which themes are to use on your site – free ones or the premium ones.

Quality of Themes

Quite naturally for paid themes, the premium themes are of much higher quality. The codes are mostly free from bugs and need the least troubleshooting attention. Although there are certain very high quality free themes as well, when it comes to real superiority, nothing can match the standard of premium themes.

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Design of Themes

If your aim is to present a unique and awe – inspiring website with an attractive design, you should get a premium theme, as free themes, though quite good in design, stand nowhere in competition with the absolute brilliance of the premium themes.

Security of your Website

The free themes also lack in one other vital front, i.e. regular updating with WordPress releases. Hence, they present with security snags and vulnerabilities. However, with premium themes, you can be assured of total support, and all your queries on security issues will definitely be addressed.

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Support for your Theme

The premium themes by WordPress are supported by many forums that address and can easily resolve all your queries and problems related to using the theme. What you pay for the premium theme covers the support price, and the answers to the queries seem to be very satisfactory. However, if you have selected a free theme for your website, there is high chance that you are stranded and don’t know whom to contact.

Options Available for your Themes

Most of the free themes are ill – equipped, as far as the Theme Setting / Option Panel is concerned. Hence it is quite difficult for you to make any sorts of changes in the site. But the premium themes are all loaded with different configurations and options to customize the site at your will. The themes are all different from one another and each may be set individually. It makes blogging and web hosting a simple business even for the layman.

Free or Premium Theme – Make your Choice

If you can afford a premium theme at a reasonable price, then that is the best option for you, so that you may avail of all possible facilities presented by the premium themes.