Do People Really Making Money On Twitter?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! All sorts of people making money on Twitter and so can you. How? Well there are two different but similar methods to make money: promote your products and services or promote another’s products and services.

Secret of Making Money On Twitter

making money on twitter

Ok, Let’s Make Money

Sounds easy, right? Create a product of your own, or find somebody who is looking to sell something, and just promote that through your tweets to make money. Well it is that simple but as far as being able to make money; well that requires a bit more work. You see, people get paid to advertise products for a reason and that reason is called profit. If your promotion of products and services justifies payment then you can be assured that money will be coming your way if you seek it. On the other hand, if you aren’t effective in moving product off the shelf then anybody that you ask will reject you.

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Not So Fast

The real secret in making money on Twitter is to have followers. Whether you’re a real life business with a shop and physical products to move or just an advertiser on Twitter, if you don’t have people coming through your doors, or looking to see what you have to say, then business will plummet…if it existed at all.

How it Works

There are many advertising programs that look to connect advertisers with tweeters. SponsoredTweets is one such example and many people use it to making money on Twitter. These type of services, outside of pursuing correspondence from actual marketing departments, is how a lot of people looking to monetize get money. If you’re on twitter then you sign up and create your profile. During the creation of this profile you can assign your rate, or charge-per-tweet. Once you have everything setup then an advertiser looking to use your messages as vehicles for advertisement will present you an offer and you can decide to accept or deny. After you’ve accrued 50USD from advertising you are then able to withdraw the funds from the site and deposit them into your bank account. This is one of the easiest and popular way to make money on twitter.

making money on twitterThis process is convenient in that every day (or hour) you can log in to your profile and see if you have any offers. The problem? Getting offers of course. As you can see, this model assumes that you will get offers, and on top of that that you will get offers that match your price range. While it may be tempting to charge 10USD per tweet, you have to be realistic about your value to an advertiser. Considering that most people have <10,000 follower, 0.10USD might be a more appropriate charge. With this kind of rate it will be quite a while before you hit the 50USD mark.

Apart from sponsored tweets, you can also use MyLikes,, Rev Twt, Twittad to making money on Twitter and most of them made payment via PayPal. Just by putting a little effort into these programs, you can make money from twitter easily. If you have any experience with any of these programs, don’t forget to share your experience in our comment section.

So as stated previously, the real secret to getting money off Twitter, and making money online in general is to have traffic. If you have users looking for your page or profile everyday then you reveal something not only to yourself, but to advertisers as well.