Quick and Effective Antivirus for Cell Phones

When it comes to your cell phone, you most likely have a smartphone that is used each day. From checking email and social media to contacting friends and uploading documents, your smartphone is essentially a tiny computer. Because of this, it needs to be protected. Antivirus for android phones will ensure that your mobile is not affected by unsafe applications, malware, spyware, and more. The AVG antivirus app is an option to help you keep your mobile safe and secure, whether it is in your hands or stolen.Effective Antivirus for Cell Phones

Quality Safety Features

Free android antivirus apps such as the one created by AVG are essential to keeping your personal information safe and secure. Once you download the application, you will have access to a camera trap, device lock, app backup, app lock, anti-theft and antivirus capabilities. More than 100 million downloads of the application proves it is the go-to when it comes to mobile phone security.

The antivirus capabilities of the application work to protect your device from unsafe applications, unwanted callers, the latest viruses, malware, and more. The anti-theft features come in quite handy if you lose your smartphone or are a theft victim. The anti-theft site of AVG can be used to track and locate the mobile device’s location. Use the alarm feature to blast a loud sound from your device which is sure to have the criminal dropping your phone and running far away. Remotely lock the device to protect from criminals. If you feel that your mobile is lost forever, you have the option to remotely wipe to protect your personal information.

Additional features of the application include PIN code privacy, Camera Trap and Device Lock.

Overall, the application offers you everything you need to ensure that your mobile device is protected at all times.