Safe Ways to Find Advertisers For Your Blog

Finding advertisers and sponsors for your blog is not very easy. A web site of your own should be the number one station when you are finding advertisers and sponsors for your blog, because the persons who are more familiar and known to your works will be more eager to confer any probable advertising deals. A Blog should have a CONTACT US page and most of the advertising offers can be found from the page. If you want more advertisement offers, you can try any of these 9 ways that have been mentioned in the article.

Top 9 Ways to Find Advertisers And Sponsors for Your Blog

find advertisersAdvertising Deal from Comments

Take a mental note on who is leaving the comments, and if found suitable, take the contact details, enquiring if him, or the sponsoring and advertising company he is working for will be willing to be sponsors.

“Advertise with Us” on the Menu Bar

Keep an “Advertise” web link on your web site,  not only will it let interested companies to find and browse the page where you are keeping your advertising details, it will also allow people to know that you accept and acknowledge advertising deals by sponsoring companies. One of the easiest and popular way to find advertisers for a blog.

Try Getting Advertisers from your Email List

Include your email list, but don’t mention any prices because only then will interested people and companies be engrossed in learning more and starting up a conversation.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook provided ads boost up your blog’s popularity, and since most sponsoring companies purchase ads there, here is a good chance that yours might be spotted too.

See who is Linking your Site

Take into close observation and careful account about who is linking to your blog posts. If you see a link from any company blog, you could contact the concerned company again, inquiring if that company would or would not be interested in becoming a sponsor for your blog. If they approve of your content enough so as to link and connect to it, they will surely consider and deem an advertising deal.

Search Vote of Thanks from Different Advertisers

Search online for blogs and web sites thanking their advertisers or sponsors. Many web sites circulate episodic posts expressing thanks their sponsors and advertisers. You could make use of Google or any other search engine to locate these posts, as they come handy with a listing of companies you may contact.

Contact Other Blog Owners

You could also try to contact the web site owners to see if they are interested or not in buying one or another of your banner spots if your web site is bigger than the one you are currently visiting. This could not only help them to get additional brand awareness and new readers. Also, you could just as well try to establish a joint venture or a partnership, where what you do is refer advertisers and sponsors with each other.

Advertising message at the end of the Feed

Put in a message at the end of the feed. This will definitely make certain that both the visitors of your blog or web site, as well as RSS subscribers will notice it.

Join Sites like Review.Me

Another great way to find advertisers for your blog. Using Review.Me can be of great help. Offers will be found in a large number on here, and if you set up a low review cost for your blog, you are sure to be contacted and communicated by interested companies quite frequently.