The Collectors Blog- Sharing Your Collection With the Internet

Do you collect something? Most people have something that they collect, whether it’s toys or coins. Some people are just casual collectors that don’t have a ton of items and don’t do a lot of research on them or anything. Then there are the diehard collectors that have a special room in their home where their collection is displayed like Oscar trophies.collectors blogIf you have a collection it’s pretty likely there are other people out there that have an interest in the things that you collect too. That’s why having a blog about your collection can be a great asset, not only to you but others that find your blog. Here are some ideas on getting started.

What Do You Collect?

Start out your blog with a little bit about what you collect. When did you get started, what made you start collecting, and any stories behind the beginnings. People want to know about the person that is the expert. Why are you an expert? Maybe you started collecting coins because your grandpa was a coin collector. You learned the ropes from him and now you’ve been collecting for twenty years.

Investing in coins can be somewhat like investing in silver, especially if you are collecting coins that contain silver. There may be times when life gives you lemons and you’ll need to part with a collection that is worth something. When it comes time to selling some coins, Silver Monthly suggests watching the silver market for best prices.

Tell The Stories

Tell the stories of your collection. If you let go of a piece do a post on why. Include photos. People will want to see the items you are telling them about. Tell people about how it is you go about finding pieces for your collection. Describe the flea market you recently discovered or how yard sales are excellent for collectors.

Another story to tell that people will surely enjoy are the ones about getting items for your collection as gifts, or maybe even getting your items autographed. Maybe you collect sports memorabilia, but you recently had a chance to meet your favorite baseball player and get a couple items autographed. How did you manage the meeting? Did you have to pay for the autographs? People will want to know this stuff and it is posts like these that will keep them coming back to your blog to learn more.

Display The Items

Again, it’s important to include pictures with your blog posts, especially when it comes to blogging about collectibles. You don’t have to have a fancy camera to do this, even your smartphone camera will do. It’s all about having good lighting. You may even want to invest a little money in a white box to give your items a nice solid background that allows the item to stand out in the photo.

What better way to show off your collection than having a blog dedicated to it!