Three Reasons To Keep Your Blog in the Clouds

There are several reasons to keep your blog happy and healthy living up in the data cloud above. Yes, this option has only been around since the cloud appeared, and yes, people got along fine without it before then, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace new technology and use it to your full advantage. So get that domain name, get the server set up, get those blog design templates tweaked, and start showing off your passion to the blogosphere, and do it from the cloud!keep your blog in the clouds

Don’t Lose Those Thoughts!

There are few feeling worse than working hard to finish a project and then having it disappear in a blink. The words were perfect, the images sublime, the page layout something dreams are made of, and then – power outage, software glitch, meteor strike, coffee spilled on a computer – whomp. Your world has been destroyed. That is life without the cloud. But, if you had been logged into a server with autosave, and you were actually working on a virtual server, then all is not lost. In fact, nothing is lost. And that is the single best reason to always have real time cloud backup on any major project.

Automatic Structure Updates

Another great reason to keep you blog in the cloud has to do with setting up automatic updates. If you blog structure is permanently connected online, then it will automatically tell you when there are structural improvements and updates. This will not necessarily affect your content, but it will affect your presentation, and it will affect security in many cases. By keeping your blog connected to the cloud and set up for automatic maintenance, you are giving yourself the best chance to have a consistent user experience for any and all who come to visit your words and images.

Access on the Go

The final reason to keep your blog in the cloud is so that you can always get to it! It used to be that you could only type and publish your content from in front of your desktop. No longer! Now you can post snippets, images, even full posts from on the on. So long as everything is synced on the cloud, you can even start your post on your phone at work, work on it while you are on a bus, and then finish it on your tablet out at a bar that night. The possibilities are endless when it comes to that kind of connectivity. Expand your reach of creativity by having access to all the parts of your blog at all times. When the new wearable watches get all of their kinks out, it’s going to make mobile, cloud-based blogging that much easier and effective as well!