Top 5 Alternatives to Google Adwords

Nowadays each and every business website or other is revealing themselves on the internet in order to reach the world easy and first and what helps the most in this case is the proper Keyword. Most of the people choose Google Adwords for the Keyword research however there are so many other engines that can help out in this matter. Google has now decided to shut down Adwords Keywords tool and it will be replaced by Keyword Planner very soon. So it is high time to look into some best alternatives to Google Adwords. The list comprises of the top keyword searching tools that can help you out in search for the most effective and high paying keyword.

5 Best Alternatives to Google Adwords

best alternatives to google adwordsWordpot

This is a great engine that comes up with a highly simplified interface along with easy to use features for the keyword research. Wordpot is indeed one of the best tools you could have to accomplish your keyword research task in the best way. Wordpot comes with a number of perks that you may not find even in some popular keyword research engines. Apart from that Wordpot also offers you the facilities of figuring out the meaning, synonyms and depth of a word that in turn helps in understanding the depth and efficiency of the keyword you have chosen. Thus having Wordpot in hand you can easily take out the best and the most effective keyword for your website and reach the public in a short time.

Bing Keyword Tool

It is one of the best alternatives to Google Adwords. If you are looking for a keyword research tool, Bing is a good choice indeed. It comes up with multiple features that helps you to search keyword according to language . The best  part of this particular keyword  researching tool is that it helps you to review the results the past and also helps in searching words of the past, as in about a month back. Other than that the engine updates you about the hot topic and the rend of the market hat also helps you out to choose the best keyword for your website.

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YouTube Keyword tools

YouTube has introduced a tool that help in researching keywords and not only that it also helps in making new keyword ideas and videos.While researching for the keyword you must make sure that keyword searching is a skilled work. Picking a keyword with millions of searches is not going to help individually. Finding different and unique yet catchy ones in the key. The USP of this very keyword search engine is that  here you can search for keywords in a different way that other keyword search engines may not provide you. You can upload videos and the tool itself suggests you several keyword that matches to your video. Thus you can figure out the most impactful keywords for your website or business and reach people in a faster way.


alternatives to google keywordsAnother useful alternative to Google Adwords. For any new business to get publicity the initial task of the owner is to help the business to reach the local region and people. Once it gets popular in the local area, it becomes easy for the business or the website to experience a global reach. This very keyword researching tool is a great way to figure out most impactful regional keyword search. Moreover, having this tool in service you can search for keywords based on languages as well. It helps in generating the cloud and at the same time it also allows you to arrange the visualization of the cloud. It does it by returning to the competition in Google AdWords.  In addition to this the cloud that is arranged by the Adword again helps you in finding the best suit or the best alternative keyword that will be most relevant to the progress of your website and business.


When it comes to the topic of alternatives to Google Adwords, Wordtracker is one that is always suggested. This is actually one of the best keyword research tools ever. It comes up with certain great parks along with excellent and most simplified user interface. This is a great field to compete with the rivals and take out the best keyword out of the bucket. This is a great tool to refine the keywords as well.

Which of these alternatives to Google Adwords  would you consider trying? Pleas share your views in our comment section. Thanks for reading.