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Finding the best cardio machine is often not very easy. Finding a rowing machine is even more painstaking as it gives the additional advantage of a full body workout. Here comes into play The website has rowing machines that give a job to both upper and lower part of the body simultaneously, thereby giving a very efficient and effective full body and cardio workout. The website delivers two types of rowing machine suitable for both indoors and professional gym. Here we present the readers some of the best selling models from Rowing Machines

Indoor Rower Model D w/PM5 Console

A very popular gym machine used by major military units all over the world, this highly trusted machine is by far the best selling rower in the world. Recommended by most of the professional gym trainers and sports personalities, this machine can be used for a good cardio workout and giving shape to the body. Here are some of the additional features that will win you over.

  • With the improved flywheel design that reduces friction, this rower gives you the actual feel of rowing.
  • The machine can be easily disassembled for easy transportation and storage.
  • Your performance is monitored and recorded by the programmed PM5 monitor.
  • The machine can be adjusted according to the user’s height with the adjustable footrests and ergonomic handles.

Stamina Precision Rower (35-1205)

This rowing machine gives you the experience of a realistic rowing as the machine runs on ball bearing mechanism which reduces the friction to a great extent.

  • The machine has variable resistance technology sourced by hydraulic cylinders.
  • The LCD monitor shows speed, heart beat count, calories burnt and many other fitness data.
  • Padded seat of high ergonomic standards give you the additional comfort.

Conversion II Recumbent Bike/Rower – Stamina (15-9003)

Give your arms, abdomen, legs, thighs and buttocks some challenging workout. This machine, if used sincerely can enhance your stamina as well as physical fitness. The best part is that this machine can be used both as a rower and recumbent bike.

  • The machine can be used for strengthening the upper body with exercises like biceps curls, triceps kickbacks and forearm curls.
  • The magnetic resistance technology gives 8 levels of variable resistance.
  • Robust design of the machine enables it to take some rough usage as well.
  • The built sensors in the handle measures your heart beat per second.

XTERRA Fitness Magnetic and Air Resistance Folding Rower (ERG 400)

Very easy to go aluminum rails for minimizing friction, less maintenance required machine and an affordable low cost makes this machine an incredibly good choice for keeping in home. The other features of this machine will convince you of its utilities.

  • 16 levels of resistance due to the air and magnetic system installed.
  • The frame is made of supreme quality steel to withstand some hard usage.
  • The quiet chainless drive relieves the machine of the uncomfortable noise.
  • Padded handle and seats makes your workout smooth and easy.

Indoor Rower Model E w/PM5 Console (E-PM5)

Considered to be an aesthetic and luxury machine, the sleek design of this model makes it a deserving candidate for all home gyms. Having the features of all the advanced rowers in this category, the machine is ideal for providing full body exercise.

  • The sturdy frame of the machine is 20 inch in height with the additional feature of nickel coated chain.
  • The performance is recorded by the PM5 programmed monitor.
  • The machine can be easy installed in home following the manual.
  • The handles and seats are made on high ergonomic standards.