X3 Car 5.5 Inch Bluetooth Head Up Display

Road accidents are increasing at an alarming rate every day and people are distressed that many accidents are caused sometimes because of the driver’s momentary distraction or inattention as his or her eyes were not on the road. While driving by car, it is necessary to keep track of the readings of speed and kilometers and other details which are shown usually in the reading display that is present below eye level. Driver’s to know the readings while driving have to look down and sometimes shift position as sometimes the steering wheel can be in between the eye level and readings. Such change of looking at other places than on the road, even for a second causes much accident as the driver might miss seeing a dangerous approach. X3 car head up display is one such product which helps in projecting the display head up onto the windshield to your eye level and lets you to concentrate on the road. This product is one of the most useful accessories most car owners should own for their own safety.Blootooth Head Up Display


The X3 Head Up Display is made with nanotechnology to avoid any kind of reflection and makes the display more sharper and clearly visible with bright colors to differentiate with numbers. The screen is about 5.5 inch which allows a big image in front of the driver to read the numbers clearly and easily. If the car owner needs to display more driving information it can be done through an app and the blue tooth connection by downloading the OBD2 for free. It also supports features available to check the driving mileage measurement. The X3 can auto adapt with vehicles having OBD2 and EUOBD. Driver has the flexibility to choose in which ever mode he/she needs the display to be shown between kilometers and miles, normal, high-speed and automatic display modes.

Ideal Buyer

The X3 ELM327 bluetooth HUD is compatible only with the android system and cars with OBD2 and EUOBD interface plug and play.

Price and Shipping

X3 Car HUD price is about $ 43.09 along with discount and it can vary depending on the quantity and offer that might be available at the buying time. When a customer places an order, it might take a few days of processing as the item before sending will be checked thoroughly of its functionality and if any defects and will be sent after. The processing time might take on the quantity of the order placed and usually it might take 2-3 working days. Shipping is done in three ways, flat rate shipping, standard shipping and expedited shipping.


The payment methods are easier for the customer satisfaction and to buy this product you can follow any one of these payment methods. That is, Paypal, wire transfer, Credit Cards and more. Also check more products on gearbest.com