10 Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics is amongst the most popular web analytics tools in today’s date because it solves many purposes whether you want to keep a track of visitors to your website, measure your sales, your conversions or traffic sources, Google Analytics can help you cover all your needs easily. Though Google Analytics does solve all your needs and it is the most popular tool but still depending on your business and business needs there are more options other than Google Analytics that you can use. There are many other tools which can provide you with a better option of utilizing your preferences and growing your business.

Here are 10 Google Analytics Alternatives for your business and its needs:google analytics alternatives

1.)    Clicky: Clicky has gained a lot of popularity these days in the market as it is certainly one of the most popular tools available which is very similar to Google analytics. Clicky comes with many alternatives like heat maps, split tests, visibility, capability to connect it your goals and a lot more and being similar to Google Analytics, the users don’t face any problems in using it for tackling their analytical needs. The unique part about this is that it offers a specific twitter monitoring feature for business that need specific twitter promotions and it comes at a price range of $9.99-19.99.

2.)    Kissmetrics: This is the tool which instead of focusing on the page views of your web page, pays more attention on the data provided by the people like what they do on your website. If you have a product selling business, this tool can be very useful to help you in determining the unknown visitors that can be easily converted into customers. This is priced at fees of $150 per month.

3.)    Woopra: This one also works on similar lines like Kissmetrics and focuses on the customers’ behavious on your website. It provides an easy dashboard for you to use and you can easily decipher your customers’ engagements from its features. It can help you in determining the right thing that matters to your customers in driving your business. The best part about it is its ‘Custom Notification’ which informs you as soon as visitor does any activity on your page. Its price ranges between $79.95-199.95 per month.

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4.)    Mixpanel: Mixpanel is considered to be one of the most advanced analytics platforms for both web as well as mobile with a clean and attractive dashboard. This software allows you to get your real time detailed information even if you don’t have any SQL skills. Mixpanel offers two packages people plans and engagement plans to suit your business needs.

5.)    FoxMetrics: This tool helps you in event tracking and providing the users with the basic analytical features. It is very important for the users to understand that people’s data is more important than page views and that’s exactly what this analytical does for you; to provide you information about the customers and their activities on your webpage. It offers 4 different plans and comes at a price range of $20-$120 per month.

6.)    Mint: Mint is the most common analytical tool which comes with an additional feature of Birdfeeder to help you in viewing the analytics data easily from your feed subscription patterns.

7.)    Gauges: Gauges aims at providing simple services where you get a full display and features all at one place. Its price ranges from $6-$48 per month.

8.)    ChartBeat: A lot of people find it difficult to even read the simplest of analytical tools, hence comes in ChartBeat which can easily convert the complex data into easily comprehensible insights. You can try the free trial version of the tool before buying the premium version.

9.)    W3Counter: This is a real time tool which can be used by website owners as well as bloggers. This tool helps you in analyzing the pages fetching the maximum traffic to your webpage. It also offers a free sign up.

10.)   Gosquared: This is also a real time tool which provides the dynamics of your website on its dashboard. Its price range is from $9-$99 for the premium version.

So register today and try any of these Google Analytics alternatives and share your experiences with us