10 Superb Benefits of SMS Marketing Everyone Should Know

If you haven’t considered bulk text messaging as your best marketing strategy than this blog post is for you! According to a survey conducted in 2014, every business owner is jumping on the bandwagon of SMS marketing strategy and I think you can too.Superb Benefits of SMS Marketing

Apart from the affordable rates of services, there are 10 other proven benefits of this marketing strategy you need to consider.

Have a look:

1. Monitoring With Flexibility

Making an eye-catching SMS marketing campaigns and sending it to thousands of targeted audience to nurture quality leads and for follow-up purpose, you can use it also to send & receive messages from your online portal and a keep a track on all activities to remotely increase your social media marketing.

2. Fastest Delivery

SMS is literally fast than all other marketing channels. Within seconds it gets delivered into subscribers pockets or purses. The average time noticed by experts all mobile networks and bulk SMS service is less than just 7 seconds. Within press of a button, users can reach the minds of their customers. There are hundreds of marketing mediums are available, but people think that texting is simple and can add value to your enterprise.

3. Easy To Use a Platform

Either send a single SMS to individual or send thousands of SMS messages to your entire group of targeted people. A great bulk SMS gateway company makes it easier for you to customize your campaign as per the needs of the consumers. Create a festival offer or a quick reminder for the meeting; SMS truly molds itself into the needs of your business. Also, it can be easy to be integrated into online marketing strategies for higher results.

4. High Open Rates

Compared to email marketing, you will see an SMS has an unbelievable open rate. However, every sent SMS will get opened and read, whereas only a fraction of emails opened by subscribers. When subscribers feel a buzz in their hand or pocket they have a curiosity to read that notification so, they always look. In some cases, texts opened automatically but emails aren’t. It is noticed that 97% of text messages would read by people within 5 minutes of its delivery.

5. No Spam Barriers

A business owner need not have to face challenges while running their marketing campaign. There are no chances of spam whereas emails bombarded into users inbox is quite irritating for people. Thus, SMS is more personal and direct form of communication to share important & valuable messages related to your company or organization.

6. Much Responsive
With the advent of the short code and long code service, SMS marketing has become more responsive for companies. With the help of shortcodes, long virtual numbers customers can reply to with a keyword to register themselves for any event or to give feedback.

For example: Send ‘YES’ on 56565 to register yourself for the social welfare program on 8th August 2018 in Indore.

7. Go Green, Save Paper

It is one of the crucial we must look on. Bulk Sms messaging helps to save the environment by saving papers that are used for flyers, banners as a promotion for an upcoming event or a new product. With the recent ‘’Swach Bharat Campaign’ by PM Narendra Modi, it brings a lot of benefits to the nation and keeping people free from pollution and health hazards.

8. Cool Factor
Several people have abandoned the email and turned towards text messaging. Show your clientele that you’re keeping up with the technology by sending promotional offers via SMS. It will give your business a head start in winning the battle for the next generation of consumers/buyers. This could be very effective for small vendors who want to create a buzz in the local market.

9. Low-Cost Marketing Strategy
Many providers have started selling out cost-friendly plans and simple to benefit your marketing goals with 100% satisfactory results. Any small or big company owner can set up this strategy with minimal investment. Unlike, other marketing mediums like print media, tv commercials, email marketing, the prices of bulk SMS plans are less expensive.

10. Short SMS To Convey Information
Now you can share your business thoughts with a sweet & crisp SMS to attract your important customers. Up to 160 character length can help you in sending clear information that can delight your prospects.

So, what do you think? These several benefits of bulk text message marketing can benefit your business in no time. It is a really good step to fuel your business model and to share your business goals with clients and customers. All you need to hire a reliable bulk SMS company who provides you the best services to run your campaign. Make sure the company you’re choosing is an experienced player in the market.