3 Tips For Better WordPress Blog Photos

For both casual and professional bloggers, WordPress is a must-know presentation environment. It doesn’t matter if you have your own website that you’ve created that you’re running WordPress from, or if it’s someone else’s that you publish on, you have to understand how the engine works in order to get the most out of it.

And because images are such a vital part of the WordPress blog process, knowing how photos and graphics are processed, promoted, published, and presented is going to be one of the key points of making sure that you have overall successful blog posts. Three basic tips to make sure you stay at the top of your game include that you should: look for inspiration, find your own unique workflow eventually, and always be genuine rather than generic.

Look For Inspiration                             

Most people look for blog inspiration at least subconsciously. It starts with the internal mental questions “I wonder what else is out there…” and three hours later, you’re still poking around looking through either award-winning blogs, or niche ones that you’ve found interesting through the search and observe process. There are different types of inspiration to you to aspire to as well. For instance, you may be looking for design elements, or types of writing, or even a particular kind of size of readership. Knowing your audience is going to be a big part of this process as well. Pay special, special attention to the use of photos no matter what part of the blog you’re focusing on.

Find Your Unique Workflow   

When it comes to editing blog photos, photo workflow is key. Find the editor you like. Find the screen setup you like. Get your hard drives ready. Have your streaming service updated with folders, tags, and times. The more you take care of organizationally, the easier the creative process is going to be, and if you use some preparation time to streamline your creative editing time, it’s going to make a huge difference in the long run of trying to have timely posts.

Be Genuine Over Generic   

Appealing to the masses has a certain amount of appeal. You want the most people to read your material in order for you to get the most return on your effort. Unfortunately, the world of blogging doesn’t quite work like that. The more generic and general your material, including your photos, are, the more likely they are to be passed over. That’s why you should be sure to be specific, concrete, and genuine. This means not copying Shepard Fairey’s design scheme. This means finding your own theme that relates to your own product, and being vitally consistent about it. It might be slower going getting started, but it’ll be worth it in the end.