3 Ways to Become a Home Loan Blog Leader

Many people only buy a single home in their lifetime (if they’re lucky) and it’s the largest investment of their life as well as the most confusing. From figuring out what escrow is to finding “hidden” loans just for certain demographics to simply figuring out what all that fine print is, it’s a wonder anyone tries to go it alone. However, if you want to be a blogger who help out home buyer and sellers, right now is the perfect time to establish yourself as a guru in the field.

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home loan blog leaderYou need to balance blog savviness with your home loan prowess. You’ll have a lot of competition, largely from real estate agent and actual home loan providers, but you have a niche: You’re not vying for buyer’ and sellers’ money. You’ll be making your money eventually via advertising, not from the actual veterans you’re teaching the basics of VA loan to. Here’ how to get started if you think your blogging niche is in real estate:

1. Consider a local angle

What’s the largest metro area to you? Chances are you’ll naturally be able to talk better about this region and it’s going to be tricky to learn all the different laws (such as county taxes) that apply around the country. Geo-targeting and even going hyperlocal is trending right now because people are hungry for a more intimate experience. This can help you secure viewers.

2. Keep up with your own news/blog reading

Real estate regulations and trends are constantly shifting, so if you want to be a leader in home loans you need to read at least twice as much as you blog. Research the most reputable news sites, set up a Google Alerts for key words like “Fannie Mae” and decide whether you’ll lean more towards strictly informative or a little more conversational and entertaining.

3. Foster relationships (even when they don’t exist)

It’s not uncommon for bloggers to go weeks or even months without getting any interest. Keep an eye on your analytics and know which posts are being read the most even if nobody’s sharing them or commenting quite yet. However, you still need to maintain an inviting, hospitable blog as if you’re getting scores of comments each day. As long as your analytics are slowly creeping into better territory, you’re on the right track.

Of course, just like with any expert, you need to understand if you have what it takes to be an industry leader. Choose to blog based on experience and expertise, not what’s a hot topic of the moment.