3 Ways to Encourage The Sharing Of Your Unique Content

Almost all online businesses and periodicals are hitting content creation heavily in recent years. The reason for this change in online marketing strategies is the amount of success a brand or company can have by finding success within their content. However, arguably the most important part of a content creation strategy is the ability to get the content seen by hundreds or thousands of people.

Although many brands and businesses have content they’re creating, much of that content just gets lost in the shuffle. However, there are some tactics you can employ to encourage those who’ve been exposed to your content to share it within their own communities and, as a result, send links galore back to your site.

Add Visual Content Aspects

Even if the unique content you created has tons of valuable information for your readers, if the format in which the content is presented isn’t visually appealing, your chances of getting that content shared are small. For this reason, Jackie Kaufenberg of Vimm.com shares that your content must have some kind of visual aspect in order to crank up the likelihood of the content being shared by others onilne.

Some of the forms of visual appeal you could include in your content, according to Kaufenberg, are using infographics or creating pins on Pinterest in order to get some visual spark behind your content. By adding just a touch of the visual appeal, your content will be much more easily shared online.


Entice Influencers

A big group of people who you’d love to get sharing your content are influencers. Influencers are people who already have a name and a following within your niche or industry. They are the thought leaders who can easily communicate with hundreds or even thousands of the people you wish you could be communicating with. By getting them to share you content, you’re opening up millions of potential doors for yourself.

According to Marcus Taylor of Social Media Examiner, some of the best ways to entice influencers to share your content are to given them free publicity for mentioning or sharing your content, inviting them to collaborate with you on a piece of content, or simply asking them if they could share your piece with a relevant audience. This type of exposure could do wonders for your content marketing strategy.

Involve Your Customers

Loyal customers are a great demographic to focus on getting more shares from. These are people who already know and love you. By getting shares from this very human group of people, your company and brand will be developing trust with those who view these content shares.

To more greatly involve your customers in the sharing of your content, Mashable contributor Scott Gerber states that you can ask for their input on the content you’re creating, give them exclusive benefits for sharing your content with their communities, tag them within your content, or simply make it easy to share with great calls to action or sharing buttons.

If your content is easy to share, your audience has a reason to share it, and the content will give something new and exciting to their community, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting a lot more shares than you are now. To boost your content sharing numbers, try the tips mentioned above today.