4 Reasons to Update Your Fine Art Blog

As a fine art gallery or artist with an art blog, it may be tempting to only add new posts when there is more art to share. While there may not be much new art to add to a blog, there is always something to blog about. Blogging consistently is essential for improving the online performance of a blog or website. Below are just a few reasons to add a blog to an artist or art gallery website, and why new blog posts should be added regularly.update your fine art blog

Keep Readers Coming Back for More

Keeping readers coming back on a regular basis is an effective way of keeping an individual artist or gallery top of mind. When fine art enthusiasts identify an art blog that they sincerely enjoy, they are likely to come back often to see what else the artist or gallery has to share. If new blog posts are not added regularly, readers are likely to find other blogs that are more consistent with their blogging.

Improved Search Engine Optimization

Most blogs are part of a fine art website, but even if it is solely a blog, it is essential to add new content to further improve search engine optimization. Since the content on the actual website is not likely to change on a regular basis, new blog posts are the best way to increase the amount of content connected to the website—which is essential for improving organic search results. To further improve these results, artists and galleries can naturally include trending keywords throughout their posts. That being said, the quality of posts and value of posts to the readers are the best way to engage readers and keep them coming back for more. Even consider inviting an admirable artist to guest blog, which Drew Hendricks of Forbes says is a great way to build a network.

Branding the Blog as an Industry Resource

There is never a shortage of things to talk about in the world of fine arts. Even if an artist does not have new work to share, blog posts can be created that share an opinion of a genre of art—or other areas of fine arts that an artist or gallery enjoys. When it comes to art galleries, readers expect the gallery to review both their current artists—as well as other artists and art trends. According to top art blogs, these types of galleries can always be counted on to showcase featured artists on their blog—both up and coming, and well-established.

Provide a Sneak Peak of Upcoming Work or Exhibits

A blog can be used to allow readers to enter the creative mind of the artists they most admire.

Many artists only create new blog posts when they have new work to share. While there may not be any new work to share, a blog post is an excellent way to promote exhibits where previous work is currently being displayed. It is also an excellent way to provide a sneak peek of current work, or to share an artist’s source of inspiration for both past and present work. According to The Muse, a contributor on Forbes, blogs are the best way to showcase expertise in a specific field.

Artists and art galleries must also keep in mind that their work does not have to be the only work they blog about. Linking to other popular art blogs is an effective way of building back links. It is also the way to celebrate colleagues within the world of fine art. For those who are unsure of where to begin, consider visiting popular art blogs for inspiration.