4 Ways a Personal Blog Can Advance Your Professional Life

Web logs, or blogs, as they’re called, have definitely changed the Internet. Once it seemed as if they were nothing more than the late-night rants of gamers or desperate cooks who needed something to do, (remember Julie and Julia?), but in today’s market content is vital to a business. According to Jayson DeMers, founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, businesses with blogs generate 67% more leads per month. People love blogs. Just as a business benefits from a blog, so too does a professional career. Keeping a personal blog has an impact on a person’s career in much the same manner. Here are four ways a blog benefits a job search or career path.personal blog

Gain Deeper Knowledge

Creating new content for a blog on a regular basis forces a person to stay up to date with the changing technology that impacts the industry. It’s important for a professional to keep reading and learning so that the readers get thoughtful posts which are well-supported. Keeping a blog demonstrates a passion and shows expertise within the industry, which is especially important when the experience on one’s resume isn’t yet enough to speak for itself.

Network with Professionals

A personal blog often contains interviews with key individuals who are making a difference in the field. They could also provide guest blogs for additional content and to reciprocate links to build a blog. This is a great way to contact people through LinkedIn or other connections and to give them a voice. Most people enjoy sharing knowledge, and it always pays to have a network of professional connections.

Develop Skills

Communicating thoughts on paper in a well-organized manner is something that practically everyone struggles with. Blogging is a way to practice presenting information succinctly and thoughtfully. When a report or presentation is due at work, the experience of blogging may even make dealing with the stresses of the job easier. Making videos for a blog encourages creative and technical skills that can be used in a career to great effect. Creating infographics, which are a hot trend in marketing this year, is a great skill to have on any resume.

Maintaining a blog teaches discipline. Readers expect new content. Set a deadline to always post a new blog at a certain time each week, and becomes second nature to know how long it takes to research and write. Demonstrate consistency to job prospects with a blog.

Build a Brand

Building a career is much like building a brand name. Blogging is a method of personal branding, according to Deborah Shane of DeborahShaneToolBox. People learn a name and associate the information that is provided on the blog with the brand. Having interesting content that people want to share grows a blog’s—and a professional’s—reach. There’s no way to know who may read an article about a new app or idea on a blog.

A blog can be part of an IT resume that clearly demonstrates professionalism and knowledge of the industry. According to Raju Woodward, a trainer with CBT Nuggets, not having a college degree can be overcome in the IT and technology fields by demonstrating training and highlighting real-world experience. Stand out with an online presence that clearly identifies a thirst for learning new information and keeping up with trends. A blog is just part of an overall package that demonstrates skill in using the available technology, which presents a person in a positive light when moving up the corporate ladder.