5 Best Blogging Practices for Accounting Firms

An accounting firm needs to have a website as much as any other business does. Clients need to be able to go online and view important information via such a site. One of the best ways that a business might make the best use of a site is to develop a blog to complement it. If properly implemented, a blog can help an accounting firm to grow.best blogging practices

Offer Information That is Relevant to Customers

Starting a blog is not generally a difficult task, but keeping the blog interesting may be challenging (especially if an individual is more comfortable crunching number than choosing words). One of the primary details to remember is to include blog content that is relevant to customers. The topics discussed should be related to accounting and best financial practices.

Another point to consider is that customers who browse an accounting firm’s blog may be looking for advice on a range of financial topics. In addition to accounting articles, an accounting blog might offer an occasional post on other topics that may interest clients, such as the information found here about affordable business checks. Many customers may appreciate tips that can help them to maximize their budgets.

Use Social Media to Promote a Blog

Connecting with customers is important, and a blog can serve as a great way to reach people. If the information found on a blog is useful, customers may view the business that offers it as useful to them, as well. However, if customers do not know that a blog exists, they may never have a chance to appreciate it. By using sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote a blog, an accounting firm can generate interest in it over time.

Utilize a Call to Action in Every Post

One aspect of blogging that people sometimes forget is that a blog is essentially a marketing tool. Offering valuable information to readers is important, but the ultimate objective is to inspire potential customers to take action. Somewhere in the contents of a post, a blogger might point out the benefits of contacting the accounting firm that owns the website.

Implement Keywords Correctly

Another way to draw traffic to a blog is by using keywords in the right way. Marketers once employed a practice known as “keyword-stuffing”, a term that described inserting certain keywords an overwhelming number of times within a post. This practice did not prove to be valuable to readers, and marketers who understand proper search engine optimization (SEO) no longer implement it. Instead, a blog article might contain a moderate number of relevant phrases and words that will draw the right kind of Internet traffic via search results. As Murvine Marketing Group Blog contributor Rebecca Her points out, keywords should sound natural and organic.

Share Internet Traffic

A great way to increase traffic on a site is to share information with other sites. An accounting firm might offer a how-to article for free that another company might use on its blog. The accounting company could insert a link in the article that leads readers back to its site. According to Huffington Post Business contributor Loolwa Khazzoom, this practice of collaboration may be referred to as cross-blogging.

Offering a blog to customers is one way to get them interested in a business. An accounting firm could benefit in many ways by providing a blog on its website. By employing a few strategies that have proven successful for countless bloggers, an accounting company could begin to experience an upsurge in business.