5 Tips For Presenting Your Blog

Whereas it’s true that you have to have great content in a blog of any sort, it’s also true that to communicate your ideas effectively, you have to have excellent presentation as well. And you can write about your topic until you’re blue in the face, but if people become visually disinterested, then they’re never going to know what they’re missing.

And to that end, five tips to help you with your blog presentation are going to include making sure that you use visual media wisely, making your SEO use as subtle as possible, making sure that your visuals work for desktop and mobile, using stock images carefully, and always focusing on the idea of reader attention span.

Use Visual Media Wisely

When you look at effective blogs, for example a blog about a beautiful resort of some type, you’ll notice that a good percentage of the content is all about visual media. Pictures and videos are going to be at the heart of the posts, because people experience more of the resort feel by seeing it, and viewing it, rather than just reading about it. Use that observation to your advantage in your own blog posts.

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Make SEO Use Subtle

Though SEO is important in terms of search engines, it also can create some awkward language, and if your readers notice that you’re trying to work this system to the detriment of their experience reading your content, they’ll just simply leave your site and look elsewhere. So although you want to keep those key phrases in your content at the right places, don’t force anything that comes across as unnatural.

Create Visuals For Desktop and Mobile Phone

If you have familiarized yourself with responsive design yet, then go no further. Don’t do anything else to your site until you understand the ramifications, specs, and benefits of going with a completely responsive design. Every successful site from here on out is going to follow this pattern of design, and though there are an infinite number of variations, the basic framework is going to stay the same.

Use Stock Images Carefully

Though stock images are great, be very careful using them in your blog presentation. The ones that look the best also tend to be the ones that other people pick up, which means you may have duplicates on your site that other people have as well, and your uniqueness may get lost in that trap.

Focus On Attention Span

Attention span is key when it comes to having a successful blog site. If you can’t get people hooked within your presentation style inside of a few seconds, then you’ll have to try a different technique. Information moves so fast, and people are so used to eye candy, that you have to play the game just to get them to read your first few paragraphs.