8 Must Have Tools For Any SEO Professional

You will be genuinely exhilarating when your hours of hard work pay off with the higher ranking. The situation becomes overwhelming in a case of immense organic traffic or revenue earned. However, this won’t stop making your work tiring and painful!must have seo tools

Honestly, everyone requires a helping hand. You can’t do all the stuff by yourself. Otherwise, you are missing the new opportunities. The SEO world has become highly competitive. You cannot survive without seeking help from quality and professional SEO tools. Such tools will spot new opportunities and arena for you. You can save your time and keep track of current SEO practices.

We connected with a Bangalore SEO Firm and requested them to share a list of must have SEO tools for SEO professionals. Let us have a look at the SEO tools they shared:


Ahrefs is a powerful tool for doing a backlink audit. You can do an accurate backlink research, and find out significant link data using this tool. Most professionals use Ahrefs for link audit on competitor’s site. You get to know an exact number of domains making the referral to a particular website. You can narrow down the referral links with unique IPs. You get to see how many links are coming from .edu or .gov sites. This tool showcases the natural growth of links. When you are making link building strategy for a client, the performance of this tool is extraordinary. Because you can map down the link strategies of top ranking sites using Ahrefs! Isn’t cool!

You will find it helpful to determine anchor text density, lost links or broken links. The best part, the developers always keep Ahrefs updated according to latest technology & market trends!


Majestic is a game player when it comes to top link analysis tools available on the market. This tool comes with prestigious metrics like Citation Flow and Trust Flow. Both metrics will determine the domain authority. This way, you will know whether you want to earn backlinks from spammed or authoritative domain!

The coolest feature is the Clique Hunter, which shows websites that are trying to link to your competitors’ site instead of yours. Submit few sites in Majestic, and it will reveal the bunch of Cliques, the real reason for success. In the end, you will have new opportunities to build quality backlinks!

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is comprised of two mini tools. First one is the SEO Log File Analyzer that is a scrapping tool, and will analyze your site as a search engine would do! You will get significant insights about URLs errors, missing titles, log files and duplicate pages, etc. When you are running a site with thousand web pages, you should lay hands on SEO Log File Analyzer!

The second one is Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It always stands out when we are talking about technical SEO. In simple words, this tool will tell you why your website is holding back from Google’s first page!


The SEO professionals just can’t live without SEMrush. This is considered as most premium free SEO tool. Most keyword planner shows search results about your keyword only. While SEMrush gives keyword insights about your competitor’s website. Just enter the competitor’s site, and this tool will list down all the keywords stuffed in that website! Isn’t that insane?

When you hit on the ‘Pages’ option, the tool list down all web pages that produces organic web traffic from search engines. That is something solid!


Most SEO professionals make sure that their websites are always available to the visitors. To make it possible, they use Pingdom tool. If you want to track the response and uptime of your website, this tool comes handy. It monitors your website’s availability per minute automatically. You will receive valuable insights about your site from an actual visitor via this tool. It makes sure that downloadable files and actionable on your site are not broken!

Google Trends

Google Trends is considered as professional marketing insight and analysis tool in the market. It shows the search volume of keywords, words, and phrases for a selected period. Most of the time, marketers use this tool for accurate keyword research. Precisely, you want to know the popularity of any word, get your hands on this tool right now!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the perfect digital hybrid; that shows insights into customer behavior with automated data collection. In simple words, for the better understanding of your visitor’s preferences and behavior, you must use Google Analytics. Using this tool, you can track your real time visitors. You need to enter a little piece of code on your site, and this tool will start gathering the data automatically! It is just awesome!

Google Webmaster Tools

Who should use the Google Webmaster Tools? Honestly, everyone who owns a website should opt for this tool. It acts like a goldmine when you are concerned about marketing and content departments. It generates series of data that will help you in curating intelligent SEO strategy!

Hopefully, you enjoyed above cited round up by Sanjib, an SEO expert from Bangalore. Now it’s your turn! Which one is your favorite tool? Do have any better suggestion? We would love to hear it!