10 Best Ways to Find Amazing Blog Post Ideas

“Better prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair”. Are you running out of ideas for writing new blogs for your post? After having written various blog posts, you might be starved of ideas and feel everything has been written. One is not alone as they are host of bloggers who too feel the same. Here are some effective tips on how to find amazing blog post ideas.

Best Ways to Find Amazing Blog Posts Ideas

Amazing Blog Post Ideas

  • Read Recent comments on your blog– Sometimes you do not have to search for the topics you need to write on. One can read the comments posted by the readers of your blog. These postings may contain pertaining matters related to your blog. One can answer these questions and at the same time make these postings on your blog as well. In this way the readers of your blog will be more engaged in your writings.
  • Check out forums– This is one of the best available sources of information for generating new blog post ideas. One can search for popular forums and can talk about the topics they want to write on. Several members join these forums and an active discussion takes place pertaining to the subject matter. This in a way is like getting fresh blog post ideas from people participating in a forum. The whole logic behind this is that two heads are better than one.
  • Write new topics – after having written hundreds of blogs, you  might be running out of ideas for your next blog post. One can make use of past articles and choose the subject matter out of them. If one have hundreds of thousands of  posts in his/her blog, this can work out to be new source of new things to write about.
  • Visit social bookmarking sites– There are popular social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon and Reddit which receive thousands of blog posts every day. One can never be short of ideas if they visit these websites as people have something to share new more than often. If the blog is about a particular subject, find out what all topics fall under the scope of it. It is one of the most popular ways to generate new blog post ideas.
  • Read other blogs on the same niche– Visiting the blog sites of various other bloggers might be of great help to come up with a new blog post ideas.  This serves dual purpose as one can get to know about new subjects and at the same time gain knowledge and experience about them. Check out the comments section and find out the process of interaction between the bloggers as well as the readers. As already stressed upon one can get new topics and ideas by following these suggestions.
  • Take note of new topics that comes across your minds– You may have a list of topics for the entire week or month, but note down the list of new topics which strikes you. Once you run out of blog posts ideas, this list can be of considerable help. There are times when one finds it difficult to choose a topic and in certain times the creative view is at the peak. In no way one should miss these opportunities as the bad days might be round the corner.
  • Write on what is hot– keep yourself up to date with the latest in the world of fashion, sports, lifestyle to name a few areas. Try and using social networking sites to know about the latest craze in town. If you write about the latest topics on your blog, you will capture the imagination of the readers for sure.
  • Create lists– This is different from noting down the topics to write. A lot of readers love reading about lists. This may be about the top 10 management schools in the country or the top 10 alternatives of Google adsense. This may involve a considerable research on your part but the fact of the matter is that the readers love this.
  • Write reviews – All of us watch movies and read books once in awhile for sure. From this one can draw inspiration and write reviews before posting them on the blog. For example if one is writing about a specific book they can specify all about the book, the author along with the story in general. In addition the pros and cons of the book should also be included to determine whether they like it or not. Will you in any way recommend this book to the viewers and in the final analysis whether you liked the book or not.
  • Share stories– Each and every day brings with it a new hope. One can share inspirational along with interesting and entertaining stories from which the readers can take something. This could be stories which you have read or heard from some else. If possible try to look for humorous material as people love to laugh.

By following all the above tips one can definitely create new ideas for their next blog post. Thanks for reading.