Be a Blogger And Not a Beggar

Have you ever been irritated by the request of others asking for your favor of commenting in their blogs? If yes, then you are not alone for sure. This has become some sort of a general trend of late. The request is not just limited to comments; it goes beyond to “likes” as well. As a blogger, you need to generate the situation where others naturally come towards viewing your articles and commenting in the process. Therefore, it is important for a blogger not to be a beggar and the following article will arm him the ways so that he can make the situation pleasant for him.
be a blogger

How to Be a Blogger, Not a….

  • As a blogger, you need to arm yourself with the series of rules since they are important towards giving you a life of ease and comfort. A blogger has to accomplish them as well.
  • If you are participating in a guest blogging contest, don’t go to someones’ message area and telling them to share, like, comment on your article. Those who find your article beneficial for themselves will surely share, like and comment on it, without asking them.
  • It is a big ‘No-No” to spam the site of any body since it will equally pose a great risk to your own integrity. As it shows your unprofessionalism since it hints that you are looking towards earning quick money.
  • You need to build the relations by sharing your posts and thoughts. Since, begging will just demean your reputation in the eyes of the other person. After all, every blogger is a human first and he is the master of his own decisions. Therefore, on the same lines, you should not establish connection just when you need help from others.
  • It is important to answer the comments which are being posted on your blog.
  • Don’t send too many requests to approve your blog post, if it is rejected for low quality. Instead of begging, try to come up with a quality post and send it for approval.
  • The post has to be quite interesting and  worth being read so that it enhances the curiosity of the readers and they  cannot hold themselves than to “like” or “leave comments” in your esteemed blog. This is the important aspect which cannot be overlooked in any way.
  • As a blogger don’t ask others for a free domain or hosting. Blogging is a profession. So, behave like a professional. I have seen many bloggers who beg for a single domain in different forums and in social media groups.
  • Consistency is an important factor which has to be followed by the bloggers as well. You need to be regular towards posting your article since it maintains the interest of others. Therefore, others will gradually be waiting for your posts with bated breath. Therefore, with increasing popularity, you equally have the chance of earning in a convincing manner as well, like the way you have always wanted as well.
  • Have a consistent look at the notifications so that you regularly keep track of your activities. It cannot be sidelined or overlooked in any way as well.
  • Blogging is a field which equally expects you to stick with the rules and regulations so that you can potentially carve a niche for yourself.

Finally, aforesaid are the important and valuable instructions which ease blogger in his quest of earning manifolds. After all, there is no dearth of money in the blogging field. You just need to follow rules so that you end up creating a world of ease, comfort as others will equally appreciate you for being nice to the world of bloggers. Therefore, you will continue to rise ahead like never before as well. Great, isn’t it?