World’s 10 Best Web Hosting Companies

“Character is like a shadow, reputation is the real thing”. Thousands of web hosting companies are there in the global world and their number is showing a steep curve upwards. If one is new to the industry and would like to sign up with some web hosting company, then they would be spoilt for choices as well as confused which one to choose. Though there are many quality companies in this domain, some tips are suggested on the online platform to choose the perfect web hosting company.

Quiet often the term “large” assumes a lot of significance in our mindset. In generic terms large refers to the size of the company, the number of websites hosted, the goodwill of the hosting company on the web as well as the working staff. Here is an insight of the top web hosting companies, you can use to host your website.

Disclaimer: We have not used most of the web hosting companies personally. We suggest you to do more research before using any of the hosting company mentioned below.

List of Best Web Hosting Companies

best web hosting


BlueHost is always recognized as the one of the leaders in the industry. The numbers are a testimony of the fact and with close to 20,000 sales per month indicates the strong proof of the ability of the company. They are in the business since 1996 and now it becomes world’s one of the best web hosting company. Bluehost has excellent server time, excellent customer support, unlimited services like unlimited disk service, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts and many more.

best web hosting companyA basic Bluehost hosting plan starts at $6.95 per month, but you can get it for $4.95 per month just by using this exclusive Bluehost coupon. Another great thing I like about world’s best web hosting company Bluehost is that it comes with several freebies. We have been using Bluehost for last few years and never faced a single problem with them.


When compared to the other web hosts this company is new to this sphere but the early signs have been very encouraging. With a super stable service and superior customer support the company had its prominence felt. Incidentally it also happens to be largest reselling host provider. More than 8 million domains are hosted on hostgator servers. We Personally Recommend HostGator hosting for our readers.

This best web hosting company provide monthly coupon codes to its customers. By using these coupons, customers can save their hard earned money while buying HostGator hosting. Our readers can use coupon code “SPECIALSAVE25 ” to get 25% discount on their total hosting bill. Click here to buy hosting from HostGator.


Hostmonster is another world’s one of the best web hosting company. This is the parent company of Blue Host and the founder also happens to the same. In fact the number of hosted websites as well as the clients is the same.


In the country of China they are the second largest web hosting provider. This best web hosting company has been able to create a lasting impression and won the confidence of the Chinese public as it is one of the few in the country to have their own data centres.


The largest hosting provider and domain register in the country of China. It is based on the local requirements of the Chinese people and has created considerable impact. It also happens to be oldest and one of best web hosting company in the country and it is managing close to half of the business in the country

Dream host

This web hosting company is famous for the stable and affordable since the starting point of business. The masses also love it because of the attractive offers as well as discounts provided by the web hosting company. It also manages other host brand known as Think host.


To be honest, one cannot describe this web hosting company in any way. It is not a direct hosting brand but manages close to a hundred hosting brands. The growth of their business is primarily due to the acquisition of other brands. Some of the best web hosting brands such as Ipage, Just Host and Fatcow are managed by this company.

1 and 1

In terms of cost factor it is one of the cheapest web hosting companies as they have quality hosting plans related to the domain registration. It is also one of the oldest companies in the industry.


Another big and popular hosting company. For domain registration as well as domain hosting the company ranks among the top. The greatest advantage of associating with this hosting company is the large size which they have to offer.

UK2 Hosting Company

This web hosting Company caters mainly to the European market for domain hosting as well as registration. Their growth of business is at par with companies like EIG. If you are still thinking that they are in for independent hosting then you are in for a shock. The web hosting company recently merged their business with Midphase.

Should You Sign Up With These Hosting Companies?

To put things in right perspective one can always say that everything depends. Yes to a certain extent one can trust all these companies because of the huge businesses in the market. Though these companies are in the top 10 listing, but this is a competition driven industry. There is cut throat competition prevailing in the industry and there are lot of companies who are not lagging far behind. Time will only tell how fast they can climb up the ladder. In fact the web hosting industry is a vibrant industry and changes are the order of the day. But always remember that you need a good web hosting company to make your  new blog more successful.

Sometimes a small web hosting company can help also to carve out a distinct identity for your business.  A typical example in this regard will throw more light on things as inmotionhosting and arvixe in no way figure among the top but they are loved by millions of people because of their features as well as excellent services. So while choosing a web hosting company one has to be clear on what are the expectations of it from the business point of view.