Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Best WordPress Hosting: Who can deny the associated utility and features which WordPress is synonymous with? Since, it has proved itself as one of the preferred, outstanding, awesome, coveted and preferred platforms by increasing numbers of people across the globe. As a blogger who have just started with this wonderful profession, you should never start with free WordPress hosting providers, since it will probably ruin your professional career. If you are worried how? then I am going to tell you.

best WordPress HostingSince, as you start getting traffic, free providers might block/ban your account any time thus, leaving you no where. Hence, in the following post you will know the top 5 Best WordPress hosting providers which besides showing true professionalism, will equally help you to boost your career even further.

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BlueHost -Best WordPress Hosting

BlueHost has the awesome distinction of being referred as one of the best WordPress hosting providers. It is not without any reason. Since, its price is quite competitive and you are eligible to get complimentary domain as you subscribe to the hosting plan. There is no technical knowledge required with respect to installing WordPress and within minutes your website will be “live” and running. You can register not just one or two but many domain under one account. Isn’t it great?

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HostGator – Best WordPress Hosting

HostGator is another name in the world of WordPress hosting providers which is known for endless themes as well as plugins. This esteemed hosting provider equally facilitates you with hosting many domains and blogs right in one account. It seems to have a slight edge (as compared to its competitors) in terms of providing facilities to the ever growing customers especially as far as the responsive speed and better up time is concerned. Buy Hostgator Hosting at Discounted Price From Here.

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Who can even deny the importance of another top 5 WordPress hosting providers namely DreamHost. According to a saying, “Old is gold” and the same holds true for this renowned hosting provider as well. It has strings of benefits as well as besides being user friendly, you can transfer unlimited data, website storage bandwidth along with hosted domain etc.

Being a blogger, you can’t ask for more since in just one click software installer, you can install and work on the blog within minutes. You can indeed make your way towards writing series of code languages in the form of Python, Perl, PHP5 etc. It equally ensures the satisfaction level of customers and you can avail the “money back guarantee” if you aren’t satisfied with their service (which in all probability won’t be the case). This WordPress hosting provider offers 97-day money back guarantee. Another thing which it facilitates its esteemed customers is the 100% uptime guarantee whereby, you don’t have to worry any thing especially with regards to your blog. Isn’t it great? In the event when you have any issues to get addressed, you can easily get in touch with their customer care as well.


If you are looking for one of the top WordPress hosting providers, then the name of iPage is bound to come to your mind. Besides getting various domain names on one account, you can equally customize the themes as per the needs and requirement. If you are tight with budget and looking for the best WordPress hosting providers, then make no mistake of sticking with iPage. Since, they are known for their low hosting packages. Even the review of users with respect to the satisfaction level is a testimony of the extent of satisfaction which they are getting by associating themselves with iPage.


If a hosting provider facilitates its renowned customers with awesome, wonderful and dedicated customer support, then it certainly creates a name for itself. InMotion is known exactly for providing an exemplary customer support. The moment you subscribe to this one of the top 5 free WordPress

hosting providers, you automatically get the access of not just one or two but thousands of WordPress themes as well as plugins and that too without spending even a single penny in the process. It is proud to be associated as a hosting provider which has the credit of being one of the fastest server response time. Installing is so easy as it can just be done in one single click. However, considering its series of advantages, there is a certain thing which you might not like in it especially as that you can’t host more than two domains with the account. Security is another problem which you have to contend with as well.

Finally, you have read the top 5 best WordPress hosting providers. Choose the one according to your needs and boost your career further as well. Apart from this list we are also recommending you to make use of another web host which is ver popular and awesome uptime you can go with this get Siteground discount coupon free of cost and it may be helpful for you