How To Create Infographics: 10+ Resources To Get You Started

Infographics are considered to be the new rage in social media because they are the pretty pictures with descriptive texts and minimal details making them stand out and express the message that they are focusing at delivering. Infographics can provide very strong visualizations and messages if made with proper care and precision. Infographics can deliver a lot to in building your potential customers. Here are a few handy resources that help you to create Infographics:create infographics

1.)    What About Me? : This is a personalization tool provided by Intel which is essential for creating colorful Infographics. You can easily create Infographics displaying your social media habits from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube easily with the help of this tool.

2.)    Visualize Me: This helps you in creating a beautiful, fun as well as relevant online resume very quickly and easily. You can express your professional accomplishments and optimize your LinkedIn page to create a visual resume easily with the help of this resource.

3.)    Piktochart: This resource helps you in creating different types of visualizations like icons, vectors, icons, chart exporter and images. This provides a very easy interface where you can just drag and drop with a click and use different color schemes, fonts, shapes, etc and then convert into html or static easily.

4.)    Easel.Ly: This also provides a very easy interface with drag and drop features. This is accompanied by ‘vhemes’ which helps you in getting started in the typical Infographic style.

5.)    Visual.Ly: You can customize your Infographics in seconds by using this software and the best part about using this is that you need not be a designer or analyst in order to create beautiful Infographics.

6.)    Infogr.Am: If you are looking at creating static or interactive Infographics, this can be considered as one of the best tools for doing so. All you need to do is import raw data and use the site’s online tool to turn the data into Infographics in minutes.

7.)    Many Eyes: This is experiment software by IBM Cognos and IBM Research which helps you in getting the right perspective of viewing your data which is nothing less than a science. The software provides many different visualizations and the interface is very easy as one can just operate with simple clicks.

8.)    Venngage: This is an online tool where you can create your own Infographics and publish them at the same time and also engage viewers and track the results in a matter of minutes. With the help of this tool you can create beautiful Infographics for websites or blogs and increase the number of your audience.

9.)    ICharts: If charts are what you want to create then this is the best software for you which help you in creating charts within minutes. The software also facilitates easy sharing and distribution of big and small data.

10.)   Dipity: If your search for Infographics is something different then you can try Dipity which is a free digital timeline website. It works in organizing web’s data according to date and time and hence is the easiest software for creating beautiful multimedia timelines.

11.)   Timeline JS: As the name suggests, this is a beautiful timeline which is very easy to use where you can pull in resources from Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, Daily Motion, Google Maps and others.

12.)   StatSilk: This comes as both desktop as well as web based software and makes data analysis efficient, enjoyable and very easy.

13.)   InFoto Free: This is an Android App which helps in creating Infographics easily with the help of Photo Stats analyzer. You can create some beautiful and high resolution images in any orientation that you like and upload it from your phones.

14.)   ChartsBin: For this software, you don’t need any installation and you can directly use it online.

15.)   Tableau Public: Tableau Public comes as a free Windows Application helping to bring data to life. With the help of this software you can easily create interactive charts, images, graphs, maps, dashboards, fun applications, etc in minutes. For using this software one need not be a designer or expert, this software offers an easy interface for everyone to use easily.