How To Develop Your Metacognitive Skills

What is metacognition you must be wondering? It is the ability of oneself to understand their own thought processes. Being an area in the outer realms of science, most people can’t really judge what is right and what is wrong here. In a recent study, a survey was conducted on students wherein a portion of them were asked to think how they would prepare for their exams. The result was that they performed better than the peers. The advantage of this scenario is that the students who thought about it before could figure out the faults in their plan and what they know and don’t know.Develop Your Metacognitive Skills

Another study conducted by psychologist recently was testing learning techniques used by students. They found out that one of the most widely used techniques by students – which is reading a difficult topic say Dalton’s atomic theory multiple times and highlighting the important points to remember them easily is in fact actually not that effective. Researchers have found out that there comes a sense of false assurance that they have mastered the topic which is not usually true. This is where their metacognitive skills come into play. The person will know the gap between what they really know and what they think they know. Establishing the importance of metacognitive skills, let us look at some ways you can improve your skills in class.

  • What can I do if I get stuck on a problem?
  • Am I taking proper notes?
  • Was anything confusing or difficult?
  • If something isn’t making sense, what question should I ask the teacher?
  • What are the main ideas of today’s lesson?

Thus, here we have listed some ways to improve your metacognitive skills. To learn more about tips and tricks, check out this Science Discussion or check out this YouTube channel –