The DJI Phantom 4s velvety and aerodynamically well made body enables to fly against the strong winds and manage to fly from all the angles with its super wings and also by maintaining its functions precious and precise. This deeply integrated device with its pivoted support and along with its new placement of battery lift Phantom 4’s center of gravity, that maintains balance, improves affability and while adding more efficiency which will work according to your instructions. dji phantom 4s


In order to meet all the flying demands PHANTOM 4 proves to perform its best. Satellite and its objects, Vision Positioning, Tap Fly, Active Track and brilliant Flight Modes can easily be accessible with the use of Position mode. The frequency of phantom 4 and its accuracy can be seen through the Sport mode that is used as a add- on, reaching (45mph) while keeping a balance on satellite and Vision Positioning systems. Phantom 4 is effective, in its film making that is highly clear and focal.


The DJI Phantom 4s has the best option of instant flying that covers a fly of maximum“28 minutes” which is backed up by its phenomenon motor system and resistible battery . It has the greatest addition of charging with portable smart technology of today and also to fly easily anywhere where you command with the assistance of its integrated power supply.  With its coherent light bridge technology you can see what phantom can actually see when miles away around 700 hd. This low level of intermission video technology is exceedingly effective to interference, providing you more reign over your flight.


Human vision enables him to see and observe things carefully, in the same way phantom is operated by its Obstacle Sensing System which enables it to see in all of its three dimensions and to react. In its normal mode if it observes any obstacle coming near so it immediately stops and starts hovering. In order to avoid collision it will start avoiding the coming obstacle and starts drifting in Active Track, Tap Fly and Smart Return Home modes. The warning alert is always there to trigger you if phantom is facing any trouble. Its downward faced vision system provides it with extraordinary ultrasonic sensory system and dual cameras that enables it to work more persistently then previous models. The use of GPS flying provides you to fly more confidently indoor.


In Tap Fly mode, in order to fly you simply have to tap over your smart phones or tablets and for flying anywhere for any flight you just have to tap and it will take you there. These flying sticks options handle the course of altitude and move the phantom to the required direction. With its obstacle sensing system it may go to those places which you have never seen or visited and will provide you with clear graphic footages. And the results will be as clear as you ask for.


Phantom with the help of combined materials like computer vision, machine handling and the chip of object recognition can easily detect you where ever you go. It was said that the capture and the recognition of these circling objects can only be achieved by the sensitive pilots but now this difficult task has become easier with the one flick of the thumbs. It will also help in detecting obstacles which are coming in its way.


Filming and capturing moment or scenes of the specific location which will long last for the life time can be done with this phantom 4s. Its unique features includes 4K video capture which can take 30 frames per second and Full HD 1080p and for smooth and slow motion it will take 120 per frame . lens with a 94° (FOV) reduces buckles by 36% and with the 56% chromatic aberration compared with the previous series of phantom 3. With its strong length of hyperfocal, it will take you to optimum level of zoom in with pin sharp focus.


There can be 10 profile colors which you want to use or want your image to be look like . These profile ranges from vivid to amplifies personified colors on images and contrasts graphics to the video quality , to two modes offering radiant result of images , providing the best image space for competent production. Phantom 4 is not only providing 12 megapixel variety but the combination of Adobe DNG RAW supports as well as the profile built in that goes directly to light room and photo shop.

Assimilated GIMBAL

The DJI phantom 4s camera is made with the new sustainable system. Main features its u frame structure that makes it more sustainable. Its movements are handled by a Gimbal Control Unit that is in constant communication with both the gimbals Inertial Measurement Unit and the Phantom 4’s flight controller so that it can prepare for the Phantom 4’s movements before they happen. This gimbal is so accurate that ensures approximately 0.03 smooth cinematic footage .


DJI Phantom 4 is one of great drones for sale for this year. Information related to the flight including duration, accuracy, location and speed can also be check to your control stick system. Backup versions of any photos and videos captured during your flights are kept at your fingertips for reference. In this while, a flight recorder is constantly recording through its internal system so if any help or issues occurred so it will help you to contact with DJI support team .


DJI Phantom 4s with its access to 24 satellites keeps you more faster in connection with satellites with great accuracy while keeping a great control over your flight. The use of GPS and GLONASS are collectively acquainted, from its starting place , location and relation to you during flight. Now this is what intelligence means here it is saved and provides Return to home that shows your location on map and much more.