Dynamic Search Ads: Should You Use Them?

The technology behind online advertising has improved rapidly over the past several years. Instead of static ads, you can now display a dynamic ad based on the kind of user viewing the advertisement. Recently, Dynamic Search Ads from AdWords has actually been greatly improved. It is much more accurate and is actually more effective than the conventional AdWords ads. So, is it time to start using DSA?dynamic search ads

Getting to Know DSA

DSA or Dynamic Search Ads is not that different from the conventional AdWords ads. You can still set descriptions and provide a copy for text ads displayed when users search for certain keywords. The main difference between DSA and conventional ads lies in the title.

The DSA uses various information to determine whether to include your landing page in the auction for a particular search query. It will also take the information it gathers to set a suitable title for your ads. All of this is done dynamically, without the need of human interference at every corner like conventional AdWords ads would.

The system wasn’t really accurate until a few years ago; it has been improved greatly, which is why DSA is now one of the best ways to advertise your site. Today, Google simply asks you to feed product information to be processed. It will then ‘understand’ various things about your landing page.

The True Benefits of Using DSA

Dynamic Search Ads bring a number of prominent benefits, including:

  • It is much easier to get a consistent level of conversion with DSA. The ads are designed to be highly relevant and attractive to the viewers, which is why this type of ads is now one of the most effective to use.
  • You can keep your AdWords campaign as efficient as it can be. Google will only display your ads when the search query AND the user doing the search is relevant, so you can expect to see a high level of conversions along the way.
  • The level of cost-efficiency is also kept high with advanced tracking and content analysis. This means you can also use DSA, paired with a truly optimized landing page, to increase the conversion rate on your site. The impact can be felt almost instantly.

When to Use DSA

Dynamic Search Ads can be very useful in a number of situations. When you have a lot of landing pages – such as when you run an online store – DSA can actually take all of them and display the relevant one at different times. There is no need to create an AdWords ad for every product, saving you a lot of time and money in the process.

When working with the best SEO Canada, DSA can also be used to handle the task of increasing brand awareness. The system behind DSA can help target all keywords relevant to your landing pages, create the correct headlines based on search terms and give a lot of exposure to your brand. Since DSA also works with CPM advertisements, the system is simply perfect for increasing brand awareness.