How to Enhance Your WordPress Blog Using YouTube Video Content

Video content can provide emphasis on material that text simply cannot convey. It’s also becoming one of the hottest trends for websites and product marketing. As technology continues to develop for Internet connection speeds and video streaming, more and more websites are supporting this medium to enhance the experience of visitors. Blogs are no different as the niche of your site can be complimented with video as to enhance your wordpress blog

The Video

There are many bloggers that have turned to video logging, also known as vlogging, on YouTube in order to reach the video streaming market. As the social media site is in the top 10 most visited websites in the world, creating videos can be an excellent way to reach a wider target audience. By creating your own series of videos, you can begin to develop a list of subscribers that are interested in the message which in turn may be interested in your blog.

Placement of the Video

When creating a video on YouTube, developers are able to embed the coding for the material directly into virtually any webpage. In WordPress, this can easily be done by switching to the “Text” view of the editor and then pasting the code directly into the post. This ability allows you to change the size of the stream as well as auto-run capabilities and more. There are several plugins you can install for WordPress that can enhance the YouTube connection for your blog, but these are unnecessary if you simply want to share content. Whether you’re adding a video to your post for supporting content or simply adding a small window on the navigation bar to act as a short advertisement, video material can enhance the user experience.

Content Concerning the Video

As search engine bots are incapable of scanning through video for keywords and content, meta data information may play a pivotal role to support proper SEO practices. Although you should always include proper meta descriptions and information, adding text to the post supporting the video can be beneficial for search results as well. You don’t have to transcribe the video content, but a short synopsis of the video is beneficial.

Add Links to Video Descriptions

In YouTube, adding HTML addresses to the description of the video will automatically turn them into links. This allows you to quickly add links to your blog pages directly from YouTube. Some suggest that this can be a form of backlink to improve search results while others add these links to give users a method to visit the blog. In either case, supporting links can be greatly beneficial for attracting attention to your website.

Social Media Interactions

YouTube is capable of being shared on a variety of social media platforms. Each video is equipped with buttons that allow users to share the material with their friends and family. This could further spread the video to audiences that you may not have had access to previously. It could also help you decide on which social media platform is ideal for future content.

Video content can offer perspectives and attitudes surrounding material that can be lost in translation if done in text. It offers an additional visual appeal to your site that may improve how visitors perceive your blog. As YouTube is a free to use platform, it’s a cost effective way to broadcast your message while engaging a wider audience.