Extras to Add to Your Blog to Engage Readers

Blogging is a great way to pass the time. In this world of the internet you can pretty much blog about anything you want, day or night. You can schedule posts to go live any time, morning, noon or night.engage readers

Your blog isn’t just about what you write on it though, it’s also about the other things you offer to your writers. In order to keep readers coming back to your blog and engaging them so they stay, you need to give them a few things.

Share Your Social Media

Just like social media brings readers to your blog, your blog should bring readers to your social media. Some people may discover your blog and not know your are on the social sites. By having links to your socials on your blog you can more deeply engage your readers.

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Polls and Quizzes

Posting polls and quizzes also engage customers and readers. People love the chance to learn more about themselves or share their opinions and this is a fun way to do it.

Show Videos and Photos

Photos are a great thing to give readers a visual of whatever you are talking about on your blog. Better than that, you can share videos, video tutorials and video slideshows with your readers. If you blog about a DIY project nothing would be more perfect and engaging than a video tutorial to give people a hands-on look at the steps.

Free Stuff and Giveaways

People like to get free things. With today’s technology it is easy to create ebooks for your readers on subjects that you are experienced in. Offer these ebooks for free and you’ll have readers that keep coming back for more. If you offer them something worthwhile they’ll be likely to come back and pay for more, so you can monetize your blog. Giveaways allow people to feel like they are winners, and that is a great feeling.

Give Them Time

If you have a really engaging blog or website you just might cause your readers to lose track of time. Sure, their computer or phone probably has a clock on it, or maybe they are lucky enough to have a clock hanging on the wall, but why not make it more convenient and include a fun clock on your blog. This way your reader won’t need to leave your pages in order to find the time.

Each of these things have a way of bringing people to your blog or website and keeping them there. It also gives you a chance to get repeat customers that love what you have to say and have shared. When you’ve created a blog that peaks people’s interest they are also more likely to share your links with others.