Feature and Fact: Combining Writing Techniques For Marketing Purposes

Blogging allows a lot of freedom, if you’re willing to take it. You don’t have to always follow a specific format, or put your words in a certain framework. You don’t always have to tell the truth, or always spin a fantastic tale of nonsense. In fact, your blog, and the marketing of it, will be more successful if you borrow elements from different possibilities.

For instance, you can use your blog, from a marketing standpoint, to publish promotional material via soft news features, or source your information via primary sources, or to create public social interaction opportunities. You can mix literary business and pleasure in the same post or even paragraph, and you can create a narrative to suit your needs any time you want. It’s a short path to the keyboard – use it!

Promotion Via Soft News Features

One successful blogging technique is to create promotion through soft news. For example, the story of a lawyer can be promotional for his or her law firm. The soft back story of a man and his father can be the backdrop for promotions about a new restaurant that’s opened up. You can write about people, in order to focus attention on things – specifically, business trust in this case.

Sourcing Using Hard Facts

And even inside a playful blog, you can source primary material to give backup to your opinions or insight on a matter. People will be able to click from your blog post directly to some sort of hard news or government resource, and that will immediately make your writing that much more credible all around.

Social Media Optimizing Your Business Onlin

Creating Public Social Interaction

Another way to use feature and fact to promote your business or brand is my creating public social interaction opportunities between yourself and fans. Learn how Twitter hashtags work, and combine them with Instagram and Facebook accounts. The more active you are on social media, the more presence you’ll develop, and the more people will become involved in the social feedback loop.

Mixing Literary Business and Pleasure

Again, unless your company already has specific rules about what you have to write, and how you have to write it, feel free to mix elements of business and pleasure into your posts. Stretch your mind to find the right word choices (and even pictures) that will convey your message uniquely to your desired audience.

Creating a Narrative

If you’ve found that your posts stagnate after the initial read, think about creating a narrative that will continue over time, so that people are looking forward to what you have to say next. If you keep your posts short and to a single point, and then create a story that involves just the right amount of attention span, that’s a huge benefit to your overall branding message.