How To Get Backlinks Without Spamming

E-commerce site owners need backlinks just like everybody else. They bring in visitors. Visitors buy products, which brings profit. However, the concept of naturally linking back to products seems baffling. You sell products, and randomly linking to products is generally spammy and irritating. There are perfectly legitimate ways to earn your backlinks though.get backlinks without spamming

1. Blogging

Informative blogs are linkbait. It’s why e-commerce sites would do well to add a blog to their website. Blogs lead to e-commerce sites not only becoming a place of sales but also an authority on their subject whether it is toys, clothes or home furniture. People want to link back to wonderful, informative blogs run by obvious experts. As long as you do it correctly, blogs are a great link-ready addition to your website.

2. Leverage Links

Occasionally, suppliers will link to your website. They like to link to their resellers. Your success means continued business, and it shows off all the great things that can be done with their products. Other people to ask are business contacts, friends and family. Businesses within your niche can add links to your site for products they don’t carry, and you can return the favor. Family and friends mention your site on their blogs or social media accounts.

3. Directories

You can find niche directories and general business directories. They’re not hard to find, but some directories are picky. Once you’re sure your site is ready to be considered, find your selling point and then look for a directory. There are many out there, and they come in paid and free varieties.

4. Competition Research

If you’re new to the market, and you have well-established competitors, chances are they have an impressive list of backlinks. Find them. You can use SEO link tools that will reveal their links. When you’ve got them down, visit those places yourself, and try to get your own link there. Don’t fall into the trap of adopting low-quality links though. Go for high-quality backlinks.

5. Social Media

Social media is always a fantastic marketing option. Almost everybody is on social media. Pinterest even allows a profile link that is actually a follow link. The links that lead to your profile from your followers and the people you follow are more backlinks. That’s hundreds to thousands of backlinks won via social media.

6. Design

This is the last, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s unimportant. Design may seem the realm of actual website creation, but people should consider it in their marketing plans as well. A functional website seems just fine when you’re starting out. However, nobody wants to link back to sad-looking sites. Your site design sells your link-worthy image.

There are ways to get your site out there without resorting to spammy tactics that will bother users more than attract them. Consider each of them, figure out what works, and get your links!