Guest Blogging: Increasing Your Site’s Overall Performance

Guest Blogging refers to the practice of submitting a blog post on another blog to be published. Guest blogging is widely done to increase your website’s backlinks, increase its authority and drive more referral traffic towards your website. While all of this sounds impressive, guest blogging does not mean that you can post on any blog site any number of times. The practice must be done with proper research and strategy. If you are submitting blog posts to a blog unrelated to your own website’s niche, it can lead you to be marked as spammed and your content as spam.Guest blogging

Finding A Blog Of The Same Niche

Before you start doing guest blogging, the first thing that you need to do is find blogs that are of the same niche as yours. After finding a suitable blog, you need to check whether it is active or not. Simple check if they are updating it on regular intervals or not.

After you are done finding a blog and have made sure that it is active, you need to start with the blog post. Now the best way you can create quality guest posts is to look at the competitors. Choose a topic relevant to your niche, preferably something in trend, or something informative. Google trends can be put to work here, for example. Once you have selected the topic, search on web for articles on that topic. Analyze these posts carefully, take points and see what’s missing. Fill in the gaps that you feel are essential to the reader and people would want to know about. Once you do this, you will automatically have a better post than your competitor’s.

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If everything goes in your favor, then the very next step of yours should be writing an email to the blog owner. Draft a good mail, appreciative of the content already on the blog and open up on a positive note. Everyone needs good and quality content and you will be providing the other party the same. If you are not comfortable in writing high quality content or are not well-versed in English, you can try contact a freelance content writer.

Advantage Of Guest Blogging

There are numerous benefits of guest blogging, and some of those are mentioned below. They are: –

  • Being recognized as an authority – When people see that you are one of the people who has a guest post on a couple of other blogs also then they will starting treating you as a knowledgeable person in that particular niche. Moreover, if you share any knowledge stuff through any blog post, then they will listen to it with a vision to gain something.
  • Invaluable backlinks – The best part of a guest post is that every single guest post that you create is allowed to include one link at the end of your blog. If you do so, then it will help you to create a valuable backlink to your blog. It would be even more beneficial if the blog that you are guest blogging has high traffic to it. There are probabilities that you can receive some part of the traffic to your blog for which you provide the link.
  • Free advertising – Just by doing guest blogging to some another blog means that you are inviting a greater number of audience to read your blog post. This will help your mentioned link to reach a wider audience, and it is all possible because of guest blogging.

These days, a number of blogs offer paid posting. In order for your blog post to publish on their blog, some owners will charge a small fee according to the authority and traffic of the blog. It is a good and comparatively faster way to get the links. However, it is strongly recommended to choose a blog, which has good traffic, high domain authority and rankings on search engines. It will definitely improve the overall performance of your SEO efforts.

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