How Can Interactive Learning Help You To Grasp More?

Interactive learning is a pedagogical approach which incorporates urban computing methods to design and deliver a course. With digital technology reaching the masses across the country, there is a highly evolved virtual communication between people.interactive_learning

Unlike before, where ‘educational process’ just included instructions from an educator to a student; Interactive learning is about sharing the knowledge which is the fundamental process of Education.

There have been many studies to prove that interactive learning is beneficial to students.

The latest study done by ‘The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-learning

The study examines students’ assessments of the use of interactive learning approach in an undergraduate course in the Business Department at the College for Academic Studies in Israel, students reported that watching videos between lessons enhanced interest, alleviated boredom and enriched the learning. To a lesser extent, they reported it increased their involvement in learning, understanding of the learning material and confidence in their ability to understand it.

The effect of interactive learning on student achievement and stress by

The thesis documents research conducted by Montana state university on the students in pursuit of M.S in Science Education. in this investigation, the effect of the interactive teaching and associated differentiation was studied to measure the impact on student achievement and student stress level. For the second semester of their senior year, students watched video lectures outside of class and completed assignments during class time.

Students reported lower stress levels in this type of classroom environment compared to other classes. Results of the study indicated that use of differentiation and independent study., through implementation of interactive teaching module was successful. The grades from semester one to semester two were significantly different, with the majority of students seeing an average increase of three points in semester grades.

In India, Byju’s are the pioneers of Interactive learning. We believe in pushing the boundaries of education by introducing technology in every aspect of learning which presents a challenge to the educator to change the way students learn which in turn will lead to greater retention of knowledge.

We have a tablet, which can be used off-line that is preloaded with video lectures and the course materials which enables students to study anytime-anywhere at their own pace.

The advantages of interactive learning are

  • Faster learning process

Many studies have proved that interactive learning is faster than the traditional learning process as it retains into memory faster. One can remember a video easily when compared to a passage read in a book.

  • Flexible

Nowadays, students have a challenging schedule. Apart from attending their regular school/college, they attend coaching classes which somehow devours their entire day giving them very little time to study and revise. But with interactive learning, a student can study whenever they want to.

  • Engaging

Interactive learning involves audio, video, graphics and feedback etc. which will keep students interested throughout an entire session. Interactive learning tool is fun to use, challenging and exciting which makes students to absorb the learning process.

  • Consistent

All the users/learners are taught the same principles which improves the overall structured learning. Since the topics are relevant to current needs, apart from increasing the knowledge retention, it is also effective in nurturing practical skills.

Interactive learning is a wonderful medium to display information. Just as the saying goes, ‘Not all fingers are equal’ similarly not all the students have same ability to understand things, interactive learning enables students to delve into the subject as their own pace. Byju’s Tablet-based Courses for CAT and IAS are designed to be interactive to ensure that the applicant gets the best out of the course.