How to Make Laptop Faster – Know Before You Go!

Do you have about how to speed up laptop windows 10? No doubt that when your laptop running slower it has lagged laptop speed. Yes, it is an awkward moment when your laptop will not allow executing the program.

It is a fact that when you are using your laptop for a few months, then you will notice that your laptop slows down. Many people will then think that there is a need to upgrade it or exchange it. But you can easily fix it within a couple of minutes. Fortunately, you can easily make laptop faster by following a few legitimate ways. Before knowing how to make laptop faster, you should be aware of reasons that keep your laptop running slow.How to make laptop faster

Common Reasons – Why Your Laptop Running Slow:

Get ready to know why your laptop is slow:

  • Your laptop becomes slow when there is not enough space
  • Your laptop maybe contains a virus which is hogging your laptop resources and putting your entire system data at risk. “ You can remove infected files by installing the registered anti-virus)
  • When you don’t have a stable internet connection – So, there is a need of best or proper broadband connection “You can check internet speed through broadband speed ”
  • Your laptop becomes slow when your software is out of dated
  • Yes, if you don’t have enough RAM, it is also the cause of a slow system
  • When your laptop become too old, then it will not be able to perform the task efficiently

Well – why is my laptop so slow the most probably asked question when your laptop doesn’t execute the commands efficiently?  Stop worrying! Give a read to this article and make laptop faster within no time. If your laptop is slow, then keep reading to know about some legitimate ways to speed up laptop. According to, there is no need to spend money; you can easily boost up your laptop performance if you know the actual ways.

How to Speed Up Laptop Windows 10 – The Best Ways to Speed up Laptop:

Follow these steps and unfold the question of why is my laptop so slow:

Check for Updates:

Do you know that windows release updates of each month? Yes, you ought to update your laptop routinely. You should do this as it helps to fix the bugs, and even also allow your laptop to run smoother and efficiently.

  • Select the Start menu
  • Settings
  • Update and Security
  • Windows Update
  • Check for Updates

Limit The Number of Startup Programs:

It is very important to boost up the performance of your laptop. The prior thing is that you ought to limit the number of startup programs. Yes, when you start your laptop, many programs that are running automatically. There is a need to terminate these programs immediately; otherwise, they will stick your laptop and didn’t allow you to proceed with your commands.

Run a Performance Report:

Maybe you don’t look familiar with the term of the performance report. Yes, there is a need to generate a comprehensive report. You can generate a performance report with the help of Windows 10’s “Performance Monitor Tool”. The report helps you to identify the problems. Additionally, it can suggest fixes.

Clean Your Disks:

Yes, you need to do so. There is a need to remove the unnecessary files through disk cleaner tool. Also, you ought to remove the programs and apps that don’t belong to your work. When you remove these files, it will improve the speed of your laptop and free up more memory. Ultimately – it disk cleaner tool boost your laptop immediately.

The Final Tips:

These tips help to boost the performance of any laptop:

  • You should quit the entire background programs
  • You should close all the unnecessary files, programs, or browser tabs
  • You ought to restart your laptop routinely
  • You should update all the available drivers regularly

Surprisingly – you unfold the question of how to make laptop faster. No doubt that there are hundreds of ways through which you can easily boost your laptop speed. Now, there is no need to worry more, follow the above legitimate ways and maintain the performance of your laptop. Good Luck!