How to Set Up the Perfect Homeschool Office

A disorganized workspace can make homeschooling a challenge, as homes are generally not set up in the same way as a classroom. Instead of trying to copy the traditional classroom, here are some tips on creating your perfect homeschool space.Set up Perfect Homeschool Office

Downsize Paper Needs

Because class size is less of an issue with homeschooling, there are steps you can take to decrease your financial and environmental cost of paper use. Reusable materials such as a lined dry erase board can provide excellent opportunities for writing or solving equations that will be written down once and never needed again. You can also utilize computers or tablets in learning, instead of having insurmountable paper clutter that will inevitably drive you crazy.

Creative Desk Spaces

Depending on the reason you chose to homeschool your child, setting a homeschool office up similar to a regular classroom may not be the right move. One way to help your kids stay engaged with the learning process is by encouraging creative learning spaces. Invest in yoga balls instead of chairs to encourage active kinesthetic learning, and consider using lap desks or creating a common learning environment at a table, much like the open office spaces that are popular in workplaces today.

Clear Boundaries

The more separate you can keep the distractions of home from the work of learning, the better. Having clear boundaries between school time and family time can be especially challenging. If you can designate a specific area of your home as the organizational space for homeschooling, then even if your school time ranges all over the house, the act of cleaning up the learning supplies and putting them back in the designated area can signal a boundary between the two frames of mind. In the long term, this can help keep both you and your children from burning out too quickly.

It is important to remember there really isn’t a perfect, one-size-fits-all way to homeschool. Finding creative ways to adapt to your children’s new learning environment will help you tackle any challenge that comes your way.