Why investing in real estate is the new black?

The modern world demands money for the quintessential living of life! Money does everything that a person wants. From ordering one’s favorite food item to roaming around the world to learn new cultures, everything is done by this powerful weapon called money. Money is also the reason for many crimes happening in the world be it a simple theft or a bloodshed murder! It has created many evils in the society as they did not exist before! Evils such as corruption, scams, hiding income tax etc. are examples of Black money. From not taking a bill at the petrol pump to get rescued from the hold of traffic police, the whole society has indulged in acquiring or giving black money in one or two types. Jaipur is the pink city of India. So a question that might pop up in anyone’s mind is that they why they should depict someone as a bakra and no one will look at you. These are some reasons that why investing in real estate is the new black:-

  • No display of true value: – the books of accounts do not show the true value of a house at any given time since the flat is bought. The new projects in Jaipur may display it as a 20 lakh flat but one does not get the true idea of the possession as it is hiding the amount.
  • People would create problems under their stomach is fulfilled by under the table payments: – many new projects in Jaipur may seem super cheap and affordable in the advertisement. The new project in Jaipur might cause 30 lakhs but the builder or the owner may ask for 10 lakhs under the table. Here it is pure black money which will go the owner’s pocket and there cannot be any kind of proof there.
  • EMI bank facility: – today, almost every bank has this EMI facility which allows customers to pay the loan in chunks and smaller parts. This way, the residential project in Jaipur which will be bought at a cheaper rate is sold at much higher rate and there is no check which can decide which is the winner.
  • Misuse of the place: – imagine a new residential project in Jaipur is bought but rarely used. But a shocking revelation reveals that off days, druggists gather there and use the new projects in Jaipur for illegal means. The owner is the person who is misfortunate in this case as he has no knowledge about the deals and has just bought the residential project in Jaipur to spend his vacation time.
  • Unpredictable value speculation: – another feature which makes investment as black is the fluctuations and speculations which are very prominent in this sector. The current market price may state lower price of the residential project in Jaipur but the book value only states the original value and no predictions and assumptions.

Thus, one must be very careful while investing in the real estate sector as it has many traps which will make anyone fall and pay hard to get out of the trap! Being aware and alert of the trends and fads can help a person make a better investor and ensure legal and stable income. So beware and invest in the new residential projects in Jaipur to make the most out of money but always be cautious and research about the person in charge and the concerned company. Pay all the taxes and make sure that everyone does their part to ensure growth and development of the country!