How to Make a New Blog More Successful

Getting a start with blogging is a very hard work for a newbie. If you work hard and have some quality content on your new blog, you can get large amount of traffic for your work. All the newbies are excited to start their own blog and some of them are successful also, but there are many bloggers who tried up many things but could not see any good result of their hard work.

So, if you have spent a lot of your time to make your new blog more successful and have not seen any good result then this is the post for you. Here you can learn some simple steps that can point you on the path of success to rock your blog.

Tips to Make a New Blog More Successful

Make a New Blog More Successful

Write Meaningful Blog Posts

Writing quality posts always help you to drive more traffic to your blog. Think yourself if you tell other as first person (If I will click this) or as second person (If you will click this). See which one is looking better and also check your previous content throughout this point, so as you can correct out the problems. All of us know about Google Penguin and Panda that is program launched by Google that will remove the copied content as well as decrease the ranking of the website or the blog from which the content is generated. So, never try to copied content from any other blog if you want higher ranking on search engines. Always remember, high ranking means high traffic to your blog. You can’t build a successful blog without traffic.

Write What They Want

People always need that you always write about their needs and about them also, on the other side if you write about yourself more than anything else it will look like junk and other will think of you as a selfish. So, let’s take an example – people always looks for a particular topic but you will mention yourself only all over your bog and remember that they don’t search about you, they search about your work. You can also ask your visitors for feedback on your site/blog. Their free review will definitely help you to make your blog more successful.

Optimize Your Work

If you don’t share your work throughout the internet and leave your blog after posting anything on it without sharing, definitely no-one find your hard work. Promotion plays a crucial role to make a blog successful. I am not saying the old tip that shares your work on Facebook and Twitter,  because everybody knows about these two social-networking sites. Now, I am talking about some new methods which will definitely works – Google Webmasters which is the best tool for any site- old or new. Google offers every tool that a blog owner needs for his blog like Sitemap, URL Crawls, Search Engine Optimization Ranking and lots more for free. A new category was launched some time ago that is article submission, which allow to put a little part of your post into the front page with a link to that post so that anyone who is interested in your work can continue the reading of it by visiting your site.

Introduction Matters

If your article does not start with an interesting beginning then people will not get attracted to it and may not want to continue reading it. So, make sure that you first write a catchy short description about your post and then write your main content. But the main reason for this point is one of the biggest ways to make your blog visible at the top results of search engine. Because the first three lines of your content is visible in the search results that will attract people.

I am sure that if you follow the tips listed above, your blog will get a massive amount of traffic under 2 weeks and you can also become one of the professional blogger soon.

Publicity Tour

It doesn’t matter if you have the best articles on your blog. People will read the blog that they find. So, if your blog is new and is not yet in Google then you are surely losing some decent reader just because your blog is not yet indexed by Google.

Simple method to solve this problem is that you can start commenting on other blogs which have posted articles under the same topic. There you can comment with a link to your post. Make sure your comment doesn’t look like a bot generated text; your comment might not get approved at all. Commenting on other blogs under your niche is one of the easiest way to drive quality traffic to your new blog. Most of the successful bloggers use few of their daily hours to read and comment on other blogs. Guest posting is also another popular way to generate traffic. One successful guest post can drive hundreds of thousands of traffic to your new blog.


Follow those points and make your blogging journey a successful one. Publishing awesome posts on your blog is good, but more important is that your posts are read by real people. So, if you have built publicized your blog enough then you should remember that – “Content is king”.