MilesWeb Review: The Most Affordable WordPress Hosting Provider in 2018

I had an amazing experience with MilesWeb and I have been waiting to share my review since a while. I have been using their managed WordPress hosting over the past few years. My experience is wonderful till date. Not only they are good at providing technical support but also they have blazing fast servers. If you are searching for high-speed WordPress hosting provider, MilesWeb is the one I would suggest to go with. The most important feature of MilesWeb is that it provides web hosting at affordable rates. If you compare their prices with any other provider, you will always find this one cheaper with no compromise in features. Read my full review below.

Who is MilesWeb?

Milesweb reviewMilesWeb was formed in the year 2012. They have continued to grow in the market since then.

Their web hosting includes Windows and Linux shared hosting, unlimited hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server, VPS hosting, business hosting, cloud hosting and more.

No matter your website is big or small, MilesWeb has web hosting plans for all your website needs.

WordPress Features that I got with their WordPress hosting plan:

Mileweb Details ReviewMilesWeb Hosting ReviewFree SSL

You will get a free SSL certificate once you opt-in for their cheap WordPress hosting India, US and UK plans. The default SSL certificate incorporated is Let’s Encrypt. As far as I know, an SSL certificate helps to keep the transmitted data safe (data that is exchanged between you and your visitor).


You must have already come across the name Jetpack if you are a WordPress user. If not let me tell you Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that helps in trouble-free designing, securing and marketing of your WordPress website. Jetpack has the free version as well as Premium and Professional version. MilesWeb has integrated all these versions of Jetpack with their WordPress hosting plans. This means you get access to all the features of Jetpack without any additional charges.

SSD Storage

Your data is no more stored on spinning rust drives or so-called ‘SATA drives’. Instead, it is stored on SSD hard disks. SSDs are the latest form of hard drives which are 200% better in performance as compared to traditional hard drives.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Since the time I have hosted my site with MilesWeb, I didn’t have to worry about manually downloading and installing updates for my WordPress. MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting has software at the backend that checks and installs these updates automatically on the WordPress platform.

Server Level Caching

MilesWeb provides an all-in-one site boosting plugin- Litespeed cache. Litespeed cache plugin knocks out the task of managing the complicated plugins and is a collection of features for optimization of your website. You have the flexibility to enable or disable the plugin as per your requirement.

Secure Email

Every single plan of their WordPress hosting has email accounts that let you create numerous email ids with IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts. Not only this, but you also get auto-responders, email aliases and mail forwards.

Pre-configured WordPress

The moment I purchased their WordPress hosting plan I was provided with a WordPress ready platform. That means I didn’t have to manually install WordPress on my server and then upload files to launch my website. Instead, I simply uploaded my files and my website was launched within a fraction of seconds.


Before deciding on with this web hosting provider I did a bit research with other web hosting providers as well. I compared MilesWeb with some of the top web hosting providers with the help of a tool available online at Hostadvice.

MilesWeb ReviewMilesWebSurprised to see MilesWeb is ahead of all these popular web hosting providers? So was I. You too can check it all by yourself with the help of comparison tool available at Hostadvice.

MilesWeb Reviews on the Internet

Not only this, but I also thought of checking some real user reviews and so I came across their website and found that MilesWeb has reviews from many of the reputed review websites such as hostadvice, searchen, trustpilot, hostreview etc.

Here, I have collected a few reviews from those sites:MilesWeb Personal ReviewMilesWeb Hosting

Why do I recommend MilesWeb?

Technical assistance:

MilesWeb provides technical assistance round the clock. I had read about this on their website before I bought their WordPress hosting plan. Once while I had a technical issue on my website it was 11:51 pm and was hesitant to call them and so I went for the chat support option. Within no time I got connected with their support executive. They resolved my issue within a fraction of second, this made me realize how technically strong they are. They know exactly which factor is causing the issue and instantly provide a quick solution to the problem. I was pleased to receive such an excellent customer support at such odd hours.


They promise an uptime guarantee of 99.95%. I agree they deliver what they promise because never did my website went down or was slow since I have hosted my website at their servers.


This was a completely honest review for MilesWeb and I strongly believe MilesWeb is the web hosting in India on today’s date. They provide best WordPress hosting solution for WordPress users and the plus point is their availability of technical assistance which is 24/7/365.