Review of Movavi Screen Capture Studio

This screen capture software continues to grow in popularity and has already claimed the title of being a complete video recording program in the market, the software has always lived up to the expectations. The software comes with awesome in-built features which gives the program its ability to capture streaming video for recording.

Everything about the program is straightforward. It is easy to install and the user-friendly interface will have you capturing and recording your videos within an instant. Since the software comes with an inbuilt video editor, you can use this feature to polish your videos and add a bit of special effects to make your videos stand out and appear professional.Movavi Screen Capture Studio

What is most surprising about this software is that in as much as it has all these amazing features that can be used on your videos, it still remains as pretty easy to use software. In fact, the process of capturing a streaming video has been simplified into 4 simple steps.

Capturing streaming videos

When using this awesome screen capture software, you can record streaming videos using the following steps:

a)      Installation

Before doing anything, you need to have the video recorder software installed in you PC. Visit the site to download the software and wait until the download is complete before running the installation program. Follow the simple steps and install the program.

b)      Set your parameters

Once the installation process is complete, you may want to start off by setting the required capture parameters. Launch the program and once the yellow line that highlights the capture area displays, go right ahead and adjust the frame in accordance to the size of your streaming video. All the parameters are available even for those who want to record fullscreen.Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Part of this step also involves selecting the right audio device that will be used for recording. As safety measure, the software is designed with the ability to record audio from both the input and output audio devices. If neither is needed, simply click on the icons to uncheck them.

The capture time can be used effectively when an individual wants to take a break from the proceedings and does not wish to stop the recording. You can use the timer to set the recording duration so that it automatically stops at a specified time.

a)      Record

This step basically involves clicking the REC button to start off the recording process. This can only be done successfully after ensuring that all the parameters have been set and every other thing is good to go. You can click both REC and Play buttons at the same time so that you can view the streaming video while recording at the same time.

b)      Edit and save

Here, once the recoding process is complete, you can check the captured video courtesy of the preview window that pops up immediately the Stop button is clicked. You can then go ahead and edit the clip by hitting the Edit button. Once editing is complete, save your video in any format of your choice.