15 Simple Ways to Promote Your Blog

It is imperative to have a blog promotion strategy in order to be in the limelight. After all, in such an intense competitive world, you have to be different from the rest towards reaching the zenith. The content which you publish in your post is not enough towards binding the interests of readers, as you equally need to strategize towards reaching to the increasing numbers of readers. You can only promote your blog if you know the methods to attain the high degree of promotion. Therefore, the following article arms you with the 15 simple ways to promote your blog.

15 Simple Ways to Promote Your Blog

simple ways to Promote your blog

Get in Touch with New Bloggers

Find new bloggers and ask for their advice and opinion towards popularizing your blog. You have to be honest and true to your work. In this way you are going to get in touch with various new promoters as well. Great, isn’t it?

Make the Best Use of Social Media Sites

Another simple but effective way to promote your blog. Developing social media sharing ability is the need of the hour.  Share your posts on Facebook, Google + etc and regularly engage with your target audience as it work wonders towards promoting your blog. Similarly as you tweet, you will find some really easy ways to promote your blog. Update yourself in LinkedIn too. Since, of late the craze of social media sites have reached sky-high and it has become the perfect medium for people towards enhancing their business. Therefore, you should not be an exception in any way as well.

Add Social Media icons to Your Blog

Adding social Media icons namely “Follow Me” further boost the popularity as it has its own charisma. Therefore, resort to this way for greater performance as well.

Link Building

Link Building is of the best ways to obtain traffic from search engines. Since, the process enhances the online visibility by linking external pages to your website or pages. It is indeed very important towards giving much needed exposure.

Organize a Blog Contest

You can use this simple method once in a month to promote your blog. By organizing a blog contest, you have the potential of generating short-term traffic to your blog and to make it even more effective and successful, promote it through social media.

Resort to email Marketing

You can promote your blog by building en email list of blog subscribers. An email list not only help you to promote your blog but also too rock your blog.

Add Blogs to Bookmarking Sites

Another easy way to promote your blog. Bookmarking sites have millions of highly targeted readers. It is free to add such sites and you can use tags and keyword to enhance the popularity and visibility of your post. It is advisable to use Facebook for gaining requisite exposure.

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Email Newsletter

Facilitate users by registering to newsletters and configure the email newsletter and email the posts to your subscribers regularly.

RSS Feed

Get increasing numbers of people to subscribe to your feed and they are going to get the regular updates. You can share on social media sites too for establishing their interaction.

Make the Best Use of YouTube

YouTube can be used into blog posts, Slide share presentations etc. You can popularize your content in such ways. It is important to modify the content so that it does not considered to be duplicate by search engines.

Share Your Blog on Forums and Groups

A free and powerful way to promote your blog. It work wonders if you share in groups and forums and by doing so, maintain its quality, since it is bound to attract even more visitors. Comment on others blogs with an email link to your blog too.

Write Guest Posts or Invite Guest Bloggers

Write guests posts for other who have the same niche and as you provide excellent content , you will be greatly helped as well. Similarly, invite others to guest post for your blog as it will further register enhanced credibility.

Use Business Card to Promote Your Blog

Business cards are highly relevant and important as increasing numbers of people still establish physical contacts. Therefore, it becomes handy towards promoting your blog. Just you need to mention your blog name on your business card.

Use Relevant Topics of High Interest

By sticking with the interesting topics, readers will naturally be diverted to your blog like the way you want. Therefore, you will register the presence of great number of people towards your blog.

Automate Cross-Profile Publishing

There are various tools which automatically publish links to your blog posts on various social media profiles at one go. Hence, make the best use of the same like TweetDeck, SproutSocial etc.


Finally, after reading the aforesaid article, and implementing these coveted strategies, you are surely going to witness a pleasant change in 3-4 months. Your dream of having a loyal fan base will be accomplished as well. You just need to stick with the key of providing fresh, informative, innovative and sophisticated content on regular basis which will work wonders towards promoting your blog. Since, you just need to strategize well and if you have geared up fully, then there is no stopping for you.