Tips For Building The Perfect Business Blog

The thought of writing a business blog probably is not the most exciting concept to you, but only boring people are bored.  Your business blog does not have to be a snoozefest.  There are plenty of ways to spice up your production and create an engaging and exciting business blog. Perfect Business Blog

The first step to enlightenment is research.  Start your journey towards excellent blogging now, and check out these helpful tips for building the perfect business blog.

Avoid filling your blog with lame sales messages

Remember that your blog is for the reader’s enjoyment, not the professionals in your company.  Know to whom you are directing your message, and create accordingly.  Your blog is about boosting your business website’s visibility, but it does not have to be about boosting sales.

When you write your posts for the readers, and leave out the lame sales pitches, you will find your readers to be a loyal group.  Build rapport through your wealth of tantalizing information.  In layman’s terms, write quality content that actually teaches the reader something new.

Get rid of your professionally corporate tone

Your business blog does not have to be full of formalities and business jargon.  Kick the corporate tone, and trade it in for a more relaxed, natural way of writing.  Check out this example post, and think casual.

Here are a few ways to tone down your corporate language and tone in your blog posts.

  • Avoid using words like “cutting-edge, world-class, and customer service.”
  • Get rid of your passive way of speaking. Example: Your experience is our mission. Vs Kick back, enjoy the ride, and let us do all the hard work.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and a bit choppy. Give people the feeling of conversation.
  • Use contractions. Contractions scream casual conversation.

Create enticing headlines to tantalize readers

No matter the subject matter of a blog, you always need the ability to create eye-catching headlines for your posts.  An interesting headline will pull in readers quicker than every other writing tactic you learn along the way.  If you nail the headline, you are off to a great start.

Plan the content ahead of time

When you have a plan, it takes some of the guesswork out of writing a new blog post.  You are probably a very busy individual, and there is little time for writer’s block.  Planning out subject matters ahead of time will help you keep the creative juices flowing.

Create your own media for posts

Create your own pictures and videos for your blog.  Prepackaged media takes away from the personalization of your posts.  When you create your own media, your blog appears much more genuine and authentic in nature.