Top Information Technology Companies To Work For In 2015

Information Technology has become a very prominent force to be reckoned with in the business world.  The job field for IT work is highly competitive and changing daily.  It’s definitely a line of work where you have to be one hundred percent in the know to even begin to compete for top employment.  Once you have put in work to build up your knowledge base, and you begin looking for employment, you should be informed as to where might be the best place to begin that journey.  We’re here to help you with that issue.  Here is a quick synopsis of some of the top IT companies to work for, according to the employees.  


Google has the title of top choice for search engines in the world.  They created a mobile operating system.  They are highly involved with online marketing as a host to millions of other companies around the world.  This is big business at its best, and they treat their employees well.  It’s an amazing learning environment with tons of perks.  Google is an excellent opportunity to grow.  



Facebook is known for being an extremely fun and relaxing work environment.  They provide amazing perks for their employees like on-site massage, acupuncture, and even chiropractic care.  What company does that?!  It’s the largest social media site in the entire world, and it’s safe to assume that it’s creator (Mark Zuckerberg) hasn’t lost his touch within the social community.  


If you don’t know what Apple does, then it’s safe to say you’ve been living in a cave somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  Apple is huge.  They make iPods, iPads, Mac Computers, iPhones… etc.  Nerds everywhere are fiercely loyal to their Apple products, and you would be too if you worked for them.  The company treats their employees well with stock options, very competitive salary opportunities, plenty of room for career progression, and a slew of highly intelligent coworkers.   


This site is most well known for providing the general public a medium to sell their things through an online auctioning process.  The company is known for providing generous advancement opportunities for their employees, along with excellent medical benefits.  You’ll get the dream package if you score a job with this company.  


If you’re not familiar with this networking site, then you should be.  LinkedIn is a booming social networking site aimed towards connecting business owners, and providing a viable database of companies all over the world.  This company takes care of their people.  Free food, an easily accessible gym, and full coverage health care benefits are only the tip of the iceberg when we start talking benefits.