What Everybody Ought to Know about Video Marketing

Today’s world is driven by the internet. This technology bound population wants everything at just ease of a few clicks. Even in these few clicks, they want the best to be offered to them.Video Marketing

The traffic is shifting from roads to the internet. And our aim is to drive this traffic on our website. From shopping to buying groceries, everything is on the internet these days. All these transformations throw light on digital marketing.

Yes, the world is digitalizing and this will increase even more in the coming years. You need to be aware of the upcoming trends and formulate the digital marketing strategies in accordance with them.

Advancements in Video Marketing You Need to Know

Now, talking about the most important aspect of digital marketing today i.e. video.

A human brain is more perceptive to videos than long texts. Proving it through facts, 80+ % of individuals can recall a Video advertisement.

To add to the facts, 59% of total senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic & on the same page, they will prefer to watch the video.

Videos prove to be more engaging and impactful. An explainer video of a product is better any day in describing it than its textual description, as the latter can be confusing.

According to the stats, there are 97% of the marketers who claim that videos help customers to understand the products better, helping their decision making.

Additionally, most of the businesses have started using the video content marketing for their organization, out of which 82% of the businesses feel that video marketing is an important part to their strategies for their business.

These facts make us drive to the conclusion that video marketing is progressing and will reach new heights sooner than we think.

Let’s dig into a few possible tips & tricks in video marketing in the future that everyone needs to focus on to abide by the increasing competition in marketing:

TIP #1: Short Videos will be More Preferable

As 5% of viewers stop watching videos after one minute and we lose 60% after two minutes, short videos can boost your retention rates.

Especially, mobile viewers have less time and patience for longer formats. So, shorter videos with concise content and a deeper impact will definitely stand out more than long videos with no direct message.

To make sure that your video completion rates continue to increase, ensure that your video is not too long that the viewers simply tend to pass it off.

Mostly, people are scrolling through on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with loads of content on their feed. To make them stop and watch your video, make sure it is short and direct.

TIP #2: The Video is the Future of Content Marketing

Research by SmallBizTrends claims that by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all Internet traffic.

If your business has recently started and is established at a small scale only, taking it ahead with good content is very important for you.

You are required to offer content that is appealing enough to attract the viewer’s attention faster. Now you must be thinking about how to create such content?

This can be done by making your website in a way that it has less text and more visuals. These visuals should be both appealing and informative. This is a tactic you need to learn in order to achieve your desired results.

If a picture depicts 1,000 words then a one minute of video is worth 1.8 million, say Forrester’s researchers. As online videos continue to rise in the near future we would be probably watching articles rather than reading them.

So, step up your game and create much more videos than other types of content. Make video your priority.

TIP #3: Go Live

Live streaming of videos is already in trend these days and will gain more popularity in the coming years. Live videos are raw and authentic, which the viewers like.

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are already providing this service.

Other platforms will also aim to implement this service soon. Live streaming of your company’s events will promote more engagement. Your connection with your customers will stand out to be more trustworthy and credible.

According to research, 80% of people would rather watch a live video from the brand than read a blog, even though live videos last for 24 hours.

Live streaming retains viewers longer than pre-recorded video and interests the viewers more to have a look into the company’s goals and objectives.

Moreover, this requires little or no investment in terms of assets and money. All it needs is your time.

So it’s the best option i.e. economical, genuine and therefore, more compelling.

TIP #4:  Lower Budget

Each company whether small or big has a specific budget for marketing. No one wishes to exceed that budget.

In a world of increasing costs, it is a relief that cutting expenditure no longer has to mean cutting content when creating a video.

What matters in a video more than the production quality is the content quality.

And that quality video is now easy to achieve. Recording a video with a smartphone and an editing app is all you need today.

So, with the increasing camera features in our mobile phones, video marketing will only become easier and less expensive in the coming years.

A video will be a crucial aspect of all effective internet marketing strategies.

And in this way, brands that will shift from text-based advertising to video advertising. This will give you a better chance to convert leads to sales. 18 to 24-year-olds spend 36 minutes per week on an average viewing video content on their smartphone.

This kind of revolution that video has brought to the world of digitalization is next to incredible innovation.

The true utilization of this revolution lies in our hands. Although learning Digital Marketing plays a major role in shaping you to create awesome Video Marketing strategies. The way in which we use our knowledge, investment, and skills to make the best out of this remarkable marketing strategy.