Why Do We Need To Embrace Technology In The Classroom?

Classroom memories from childhood recall dusty blackboards, brown textbook covers and manual pencil sharpeners. While the remnants of the old school memories still remain in classrooms around villages, many schools have been catapulted into the future with digital whiteboards, e-books and iPads for kindergarten. Schools are now embracing the role of technology in enhancing the learning experience.Technology In The Classroom

Almost 90 % of the teachers agreed to the fact that the Internet has had a major impact on their ability to access resources, content and materials. Many also agree with the fact that it enhanced their interaction with students. Teachers also believe that technology has increased students’ academic performance. As the classroom continues to develop, many experts agree that schools, students and teachers can learn the following lessons for embracing technology:

  • Make Information Limitless

Safe and monitored internet access in a classroom allows kids to expand beyond the boundaries of what they would find in a textbook. Traditional textbooks might tell you the value of g with limited context and content. However, searching the same on the internet will easily fetch you a plethora of reliable information including the most recent published scientific journals.

  • Gets Kids Excited

Hand kids an iPad and they instinctually know what to do with it. Similarly, any piece of interactive technology can act as a platform for learning and fun. A survey found that technology has a positive impact on student engagement.

  • Gives Teachers More Freedom

Technology expands the possibilities of teaching. A survey conducted last year showed that teachers polled to the fact that educational technology allows them to do much more than before.

  • Prepare Them For The Future

With standardized test moving online, and an imminent tech-filled life ahead of them, only kids who have the confidence and familiarity with learning from technology will benefit in the future.

The use of technology in classrooms not only benefits students but also streamlines various tasks for teachers. Schools need to work towards setting rules and guidelines to ensure that students do not abuse digital media in the classroom. To know how technology can make learning more efficient, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn interesting science concepts such as the center of the mass, gravitation, electricity, and more, effectively from the video lessons.